A good shot is nice, a little editing goes a long way. And this calculator watch is a joy to look at.

Finally decided to take it off its stock titanium bracelet for a fresh look. Because of its lightweight body, the weight distribution evens out nicely so it doesn't feel "top heavy". Pretty cool, I think.

Recently got a macro lens for mobile phones, pretty cool new perspectives to capture.

A massive eyedropper pen at such an affordable price, it's crazy. Definitely a conversation starter with its clear body and unique grip. Also, that ink capacity.

Cheap, reliable, accurate, pretty. Isn't that the balance of technology?

Testing out a bit of colour editing via Snapseed. Handy little app, I think.

With earbuds that sound as good as this, I just don't see the point in spending so much as daily drivers.

While waiting for the boss to finish up using my workstation, this is my setup because I don't wanna use the on-screen keyboard.

Ironically, this was typed using just that.

My last big purchase for 2018: the Anne Pro 2. While I'm still getting used to the 60% layout, I'm thoroughly impressed by its build quality and functions. Even has the software for Debian based Linux distros.

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