Cheap, reliable, accurate, pretty. Isn't that the balance of technology?

Testing out a bit of colour editing via Snapseed. Handy little app, I think.

With earbuds that sound as good as this, I just don't see the point in spending so much as daily drivers.

While waiting for the boss to finish up using my workstation, this is my setup because I don't wanna use the on-screen keyboard.

Ironically, this was typed using just that.

My last big purchase for 2018: the Anne Pro 2. While I'm still getting used to the 60% layout, I'm thoroughly impressed by its build quality and functions. Even has the software for Debian based Linux distros.

The things you can do with DIY sometimes. This Wing Sung 3008 wasn't writing so well, so I literally bent the nib a little upwards and now it writes very well, considering it's a $2 pen.

Don't mind the sentences. But this is some of the better times writing fluidly in cursive. Fountain pen is a Jinhao X750.

I deem solar-powered watches to be a fantastic tool of technology.

Coming from a smart person, this is an absolutely dumb question to ask. It's good advice. Figure it out. Lastpass, Keepass, anything.

Does anyone know of a fix for the Menu bar to stop cramping right next to each other? This happened right after updating to 18.04 from 16.04 on the Dell Latitude 2100. It's not a deal-breaker as everything still works, but it is an eye-sore.

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