How to fight back against Google AMP as a web user and a web developer

A good shot is nice, a little editing goes a long way. And this calculator watch is a joy to look at.

good morning. I've been having a tough time lately, and this reminder helped me. maybe it'll help you too :heart:

This looks like a really useful tool to access my keepass password database from work. It's open source and released under the MIT licence.

Internet tracking is present everywhere. We are even tracked when you open an email and click on the link.

However, there are ways to limit it. Thank you EFF for this tutorial!

Our lead developer was recently laid off from his job, your support via Patreon, Open Collective and other platforms means a lot during this difficult time.

We've come too far to give up now, progress may be slower for the next few weeks.

Who actually uses AOSP keyboard (default one in LineageOS, if you don't install gapps)?

I find it actually pretty good and better than any third-party keyboards I've tried. But it seems utterly unmaintained for years now and some annoying bugs are probably not going to be fixed.

Mastodon feature request (thought) 

"Build your tools to make art."

The importance of a strong foundation stands strong.

Finally decided to take it off its stock titanium bracelet for a fresh look. Because of its lightweight body, the weight distribution evens out nicely so it doesn't feel "top heavy". Pretty cool, I think.

Recently got a macro lens for mobile phones, pretty cool new perspectives to capture.

A massive eyedropper pen at such an affordable price, it's crazy. Definitely a conversation starter with its clear body and unique grip. Also, that ink capacity.

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