It surprises me that Mastodon has kept on getting better and better. Everytime we get a major update, I think that Mastodon has finished adding new features and we won't see anymore big updates for a while, only to be wrong again when something I never knew I needed is released.

"here, use this browser that replaces obtrusive ads with more subtle ones!"

"But where do these other ads come from?"

"Our ad network"

"And who gets the ad revenue?"


"So you're stealing?"

"What no! We're getting paid for replacing the ads!"

"So you're stealing revenue?"

"Umm, no more questions!"

Recently sites have appeared which claim to provide ProtonMail coupons or provide our customer support number. Be wary as these sites may be malicious. ProtonMail does not provide publicly available phone numbers or coupons.

It's amusing that my workplace is replacing all of its current laptops with Lenovo Legion Y540s. Mind you, we're not software developers or a gaming company. In fact we're not even close.

But the overkill and longevity? Now that I can get behind.

As it's the 10th anniversary of Minecraft, a reminder that there's a free open alternative called Minetest:

You can follow it on the Fediverse at:


It has many game modes including online multiplayer servers.

#Minetest #Minecraft #Minecraft10Years #Alternatives #FLOSS

Tonight, we will launch a new product.

And this may surprise you 😉.


Facebook felt the need to remind me that 2 years ago today, I almost swallowed a damn screw from a pizza from Pizza Hut.

I don't appreciate that dough.

There are many cookies and trackers on the public service pages of European governments.

This is not normal, country leaders must set an example in terms of respecting people's privacy on the Internet.

Sometimes you feel shitty about your performance at work. Sometimes it's just for a day, sometimes it's a week. But however long it takes, remember you will get better.

If you’re still using Internet Explorer, now is a great time to make the switch. Along with our Version 4.0 update, ProtonMail will no longer support that iconic browser of your youth.

My friend and I deactivated our Facebooks together this weekend. I think Throw Away Facebook parties are a great idea - we want Facebook because it gives the illusion of community. But if community is all around us, then why do you need Facebook? Plus positive peer pressure is real handy sometimes.

I have enough data to have a 2nd phone connected via hot-spot and I don't even give a damn.

Cue "weird flex but OK".

If all your Firefox plugins just got disabled, don't freak out. It's a known issue and Mozilla has a fix they're rolling out.

If all your Firefox plugins just got disabled, don't freak out. It's a known issue and Mozilla has a fix they're rolling out. tweeted by @LubuntuOfficial

I think if Purism REALLY wants to attract the masses, they should implement PixelFed in their Librem One suite 👌 oh my god that would be amazing

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