Honestly, the public timelines are useless. It’s basically 98% news bots and crossposts.

How long will be seeing G+ share buttons after The Great Shuttering? It will be like MCCAIN-PALIN bumper stickers only worse.

Cheap, reliable, accurate, pretty. Isn't that the balance of technology?

Testing out a bit of colour editing via Snapseed. Handy little app, I think.

@pixelfed 0.8 - The Federation Update
0.9 - The Feature Update
1.0 - The Stable Release
:hotboi: :blobpeek:

I don't see the appeal in smartwatches, especially Android Wear ones. Unless it's heavily customised, they all feel the same to me. And if everyone markets "vanilla" Android Wear as a selling point, nothing is unique.

I can't say I like the new changes to Wordpress(.com). Then again I never like the new changes they make to Wordpress, it all just seems like change for change's sake, making the whole process of basic website building more difficult than it needs to be.</rant>

God bless #Neocities though. Editing HTML code is (to me) measurably easier than faffing around with modern CMSs.

I got .99999999 problems, but a float ain't one

Dear @omnipotens @hund @G_Dog1985 and all other to whom it may concern,

I would like to file an application for a new custom emoji for our fine instance.

Attached is a 112x112 PNG of a Nokia 3310 (with branding removed). I'm of the opinion this is a fine piece of technology and is sympathetic to some of the values our community holds dear.

I patiently await the wisdom of your decision.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Were, Esq

KBruch is a small program from #KDE to practice calculating with fractions and percentages on #Linux. Different exercises are provided for this purpose and you can use the learning 👩‍🏫 mode to practice with fractions.

snap install kbruch


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