Made a purchase for a laptop stand to use at work. Ergonomics is severely overlooked and my neck hurts.

Wireless phone chargers are far more useful when in the form of a phone stand than a pad

Deleting Facebook will cause you to lose all your Oculus games forever -

Oof, what a stranglehold. Add that to the list of reasons to never place eggs in Facebook's basket.

"Oh hey, we wanna invade citizens privacy to ensure safety from COVID-19. You must allow us to do so before we can ensure your freedom."

The irony.

Ok a reasonable set of announcements. Nothing new or earth shattering. I still want “one more thing” once every year or two to announce a new revolution.

Google could be forced to sell Chrome if the Justice Department gets its way

If it follows through, I'm pretty sure this is a good thing.

I miss talking to people even though I’m an introvert. #2020 sucks.

I get the increasingly certain feeling that the past several years have... damaged people.

I'm just looking at social media and I'm convinced that the collective trauma we're all experiencing is breaking a lot of people

Oh sure, blame it on the coronavirus for poor sales, how convenient.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Sales Tank Compared With S10, Coronavirus Blamed - ExtremeTech

How to fight back against Google AMP as a web user and a web developer

A good shot is nice, a little editing goes a long way. And this calculator watch is a joy to look at.

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