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wondering if the people at the perfume kiosk at the mall today trying to accost me with sample strips as I walked by is what they do to everyone or me unlocking a new form of passing
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Which of these would you trade?

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A cobbler who specializes in recovering and repairing the bottom parts of shoes:

A sole reaper

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Every once in a while I'm reminded that `pip` has no equivalent of `apt upgrade` and I become that much more of a "distro packages only if I can get away with it" person, language-specific repos still don't even have many of the most basic conveniences, insane!

I've kinda just realized today that making a 1:1 remake of Adventure (Atari 2600) as a little sample game for the engine might upset our corporate overlords, and that I shouldn't think about copying it 1:1 until the year 3000 when Steamboat Willie finally hits the public domain. Now, I'm trying to think of a simple, easy, small game I could write alongside the engine, but I'm blanking here.

Any suggestions?

Got to the point where implementing a little sample game requires me to actually create a map in my own little map editor. Here's hoping it's of a solid design now...

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KDE would like to thank our "good" friends at Neowin for their contribution to this year's April Fools' joke.

Unfortunately they missed the memo (again!) as there are still two months to go until April 1st 🤡.

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video games, king's quest, spoilers, emotion 

The wife and I are playing the 2015 remake of the King's Quest series.

If you've played any of the King's Quest series from Sierra On-Line, the 2015 games are not a remake as much as they are sort of love-letter to the original series.

I'll try not to give spoilers, but we were playing the 5th and last game last night and were bawling our eyes out.

It's not done yet, but it's probably the most emotional video game experience I've had.

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Meow meow Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>

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My map appears to be corrupted but at least my program isn't segfaulting anymore.

There's nothing worse than looking for the answer to a problem in C and ending up on someones blog that they made to spice up their LinkedIn that basically just reteaches the basics of C all over again and never solves your problem.

@Dee TFW you're tryna go to bed but you end up posting on Mastodon instead.

Debug segfault via printf: 1-2 hours.

Debug segfault via gdb: 8 hours at least.

Clearly unusable debugging tools are the superior method.

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