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they'll wince in sympathetic pain if Elon's cybertruck gets keyed

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I just thought of something. How does photosynthesis work for plants underwater? How do they get sufficient carbon dioxide?

I heard Gab is leaving the fediverse, good riddance!

The fediverse has no place for bigots, racists and nazis.

I have a strange idea. I just found out a way I could mount my phone so it faces a table.

It gave me an idea for a series of videos, maybe one in a month, where I just sit and practice drawing. I'm not good at it, but the point of the videos wont be about how good I am. Some might watch it because they find it relaxing and I'll have music, or maybe I'll talk as I draw with little music, or maybe there's another kind of audience I might not know about. What do you guys think?

What bothers me with #Peertube and why I'm very hesitant to donate right now is not solely the fact that it's become a vehicle for alt-right propaganda, conspiracy content, and hatred, but that this also seems to be inappropriately underestimated by the developers.

It's okay if your software has an ugly problem. It's not okay if you pretend it doesn't really matter that much.

After looking through #peertube I do notice a LOT of right-wing and dogwhistle stuff in many of the instances, but I'm confident that some leftist instances will pop up and that more mainstream people will adopt the service soon, cause if not...peertube might end up being like a 4chan forum

What if there was a loselose type game, but for Linux but it was actually really well done and a fun way to destroy an OS?

protest, violence 

Anyone, especially a cop, who runs over protesters should be charged with terrorism and, if convicted, banned from ever being in a motor vehicle again

Final Fantasy X cosplay 

PreshxBear of Reddit made a cosplay of every FFX party member. They're so good!

(I'm a bit shy about linking to Reddit, but if you want the url of her post there, I can share it.)

my favorite politics to read are the american ones, they're so interesting and not cursed at all
I love reading about it everywhere
I hope all topics were replaced by politics

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old and busted: majoring in STEM fields
new hotness:

Me: More sleep memes!!

My thalmus: Please nooo!!

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