@sean You haven't lived until you've tried lesbian cooking! Lesbian lasagna is particularly amazing!

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> Twitter said it would make its research available to outsiders.. preparing to let third parties have wider access to its data.. likely to put further pressure on #Facebook to do the same. Facebook is being urged by politicians on both sides of the Atlantic to distribute its research to third parties after tens of thousands of internal documents – which included revelations that the company knew its #Instagram app damaged #teenage #mentalHealth – were leaked by the whistleblower #FrancesHaugen.

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"Rising temperatures driven by the climate crisis are cutting the sleep of people across the world, the largest study to date has found.

Good sleep is critical to health and wellbeing. But global heating is increasing night-time temperatures, even faster than in the day, making it harder to sleep. The analysis revealed that the average global citizen is already losing 44 hours of sleep a year, leading to 11 nights with less than seven hours’ sleep, a standard benchmark of sufficient sleep."

...was noch?!😑

#KlimaKrise #KlimaKatastrophe #MentalHealth


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Instagram promotes itself to teens and children despite knowing it harms the mental health of teens and children
Documents leaked by a former employee turned whistleblower recently revealed the company’s own internal research showed the platform negatively affected the mental health of teens, part
#Article #children #mentalhealth #teens

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Last year my #MentalHealth was so bad that I read some books (I even highlighted them) and I can’t remember absolutely anything about them.

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this self checkout terminal I just used had an Activate Windows overlay on screen

because of this I should get my groceries for free
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selling invites for an invite-only podcast, inquire here

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Wait is that a fraying cardboard tube wedged into the heater grill how has this building not burned down yet (to be fair we're half a block from a fire station so it would probably just be moderate fire damage and extreme water damage)

I just read Lebanese kitchen as lesbian kitchen and man, reality sure is disappointing sometimes...

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A long time ago we discovered the ability to make pictures move, and we called this technology, Flash.

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@hypolite You've definitely never played a game of chess with me, then!

Imagine expecting genuine social connection on a Twitter-like microblogging platform, and just never getting it.

I wonder what kind of silly person would do that.

@gudenau Not too silly, but what about lowercase a-f and optionally the letter x alone, or a 0 next to an x to indicate that the input is indeed hexadecimal?

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A friend suggested to me that there's a trend of #trans folks converting to #Judaism in the US. I've talked to a number of converts from the UK, France, etc.
My question to folks is:

a) Do you see this trend near you?

b) If so, any idea why Judaism is appealing to trans folks?

I want to be clear, I'm 100% welcoming to people who go through conversion, but I am also somewhat baffled by it.

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