For users running a fully distribution such as , or , would you still use your CURRENT distribution if it lacked certain features?

Boosts appreciated!

Hey guys, I write a blog post regarding some of my criticisms of distributions, such as and , and how our priorities seem to be misplaced.

I know the recently adjusted their high priority projects list, and I can't help, after exploring these distributions, feel that they're still missing one very important project. A distribution that anyone can use.

Here we are, us libre software goobers, sitting on our high thrones and looking down upon everyone else.

And yet, not a single GNU endorsed distro runs decently well enough out of the box for a newbie to just install-and-go, without eventually running into a catastrophic issue.

I'm getting the impression that this version of is half-baked. Rushed quite possibly due to the looming deadline in which Trisquel 8 would be retired without any new system to upgrade to.

That makes me kinda sad.

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Finally upgraded on my laptop, but now the package manager isn't working...

I'm actually kind of angry... There's nothing worse than "upgrading" and finding yourself with a broken system.

Despite children whining about how often Arch breaks, I've never had an arch system that broke in such a way that it wasn't my fault...

Okay, time to check out some distros. The canidates are , , , and .

I have a good feeling that I'm just going to pick Trisquel and move on with my life to be honest. I'm not looking forward to installing these, and then discovering post-installation or during, if I'm lucky, that half of these distros are broken for no reason, as I tend to discover.

Wait, it turns out that may have finally fixed its god awful wireless internet issues and might actually be usable! I might end up ditching for Parabola instead!

Looks like released version 9! Very excited to try it out!

I'm debating between Mate and LXDE!

It also makes me think about the state of .I don't think I have a lot of faith in the FSF anymore as the unrelenting voice that it used to be. Yet, I also don't think pure strictness in the ideology is the way to go.

For example, for some people, running with a vanilla kernel may be the best option to get as close to total liberty as possible. Yet, even mentioning that a non-libre kernel is possibly installable violates the FSDG. Obviously non-libre = bad, but... really?

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More and more, as I use , the more I see that the best thing I could do for the world of free software is to either become a packager or create my own user-friendly beginners distro.

Both eat up a tremendous amount of time that I just don't have. I'm too busy focusing on getting my own life in shape to think about software freedom. It's kinda sad, because the distro sits too far behind the rest of the free world.

If up-to-date 100% free software isn't accessible, we're losing.

Hey guys? On , I can't seem to link my application to math.h, at least not the roundeven function. How do I fix this?

printf(%f, roundeven(1.5));

gcc -lm main.c:
undefined reference to 'roundeven'
ld returned 1

I changed 'roundeven' to 'round' and now it works fine, but I'd rather take advantage of the function that the glibc manusl claims to provide.

@selea What's more, I discovered a way to brute force a directory tree. If you try to access an invalid file or directory, pcmanfm says it's invalid. If you try to access a valid file that you don't have permission to, pcmanfm says permission denied. This could theoretically be used to deduct a directory tree listing via guest session. I'll look further into this later.

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@selea I added a new user anyways and discovered that is definitely not designed with the idea that a system may have more than one user on it. I also discovered that you can have spaces and capitalization in user names, which the installer doesn't allow for the default user. Also, the default users home directory is W protected, but not R protected, meaning that I can access the files in my home directory via a different user. Doesn't work via guest session though

This is cursed.

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Another issue with is that it's married to the Gnome shell so much that, despite the Mini version providing a more traditional desktop experience and running on a wider array of hardware, it's treated as a second class citizen.

This becomes very clear when you notice that many of the tools to change settings are gnome only, such as the dconf editor and other utilities.

@selea Welp, its official. There's no way to manage users on 8 without opening a terminal.

Managing users is such a fundamental and common talk that it's almost embarassing that a system that targets homes, schools and businesses wouldn't have this available out of the box, let alone without needing a terminal.

The more I dig into , the more I make this face :surprised_pikachu: .

How hard is it to set a password to never expire? How hard is it to set an account to never expire?

These are the default values for the default account, by the way.

As a part of a project that I've been working on, I've had to think a lot about what a user who's new to or in general may think or need when using a fully system such as .

It's made me realize the importance of good, complete, beginner friendly , which Trisquel's docs are none of the above.

A lot of people argue that there's no need for the terminal on , but that's not true of by default. A user is definitely going to be directed to a terminal if they need to set up other users on their system, since there's no graphical utility to do so by default.

Users also aren't able to use diagnostic tools such as those used to query HDD SMART data without the terminal, but I'd consider that omission to be far more forgivable. It'd still be nice to have though.

The awesome thing about being Debian/Ubuntu based is the huge array of packages in the official repos!

Damn, is nice. I don't understand how people can argue that Free Software isn't good enouth for, say, grandma and grandpa.

I understand that people want photoshop and whatnot, but many people can easily live without.

I suppose it's just a matter of people not being familiar with the benefits, and the higher barrier of entry. Otherwise, why wouldn't people at least try it?

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