Anyone know how to stream to using ? If so, can you share a code snippet with me?

Downloading PureOS. Tried watching Youtube because it's taking forever without an adblocker and wow, I have a renewed appreciation for and a renewed fear of the direction that the internet is going in.

Uploading a few new vids to my channel that I haven't gotten around to uploading yet.

Uploading vids of birds is hardly a contribution, but wow, anything helps I guess...

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Alright, I'm getting bored of walking the same trails all the time. I'm gunna start mapping transit routes again on in .

It's gunna be cold, so I'll be wearing gloves and using one of those touch pens to keep me warm.

I'm trying to stay away from doing unecessary work, but I might take pictures or videos of animals while I'm out there for . I'll keep away from blogging about it.

I've been looking into instances. I dug really deep and searched very thoroughly, and I think I really, really like I might move all of my stuff over to there at some point.

Which is the best instance?

Hey everyone, I sorted through the giant instance list on JoinPeertube . I sorted by version, ensuring all are 2.4.0, and by whether or not they allow signups. I also deduplicated the list, and to my surprise, it only came to 28 different instances, so I'd like to present to you this .

Look at the images in my reply. Which images contain an instance that you know is actually decent?

Boosts much appreciated!

I've been thinking about creating a bot that can mirror channels on . Yes, I know this isn't an ideal way of growing the platform but it could be a way of drowning out all the voices that seem to be dominating at the moment.

My only rule is that the youtuber that I mirror must be aware of and allow me to mirror their content for ethical reasons, which means I'll have to convince them.

My bot will be closed source for the same reason, if I make it. Maybe we can set ...

I'm doing a video series where I'm going to record myself drawing. I can either:

A) Upload a long, unedited version where I may chat about my day, my technique, something else or maybe no talking at all. Maybe with some bad quality chill music in the background.

B) Upload a short timelapse of myself drawing with excellent audio quality. No talking, just good music and drawing.

C) Both!

D) Other. Please comment.

Are there any other ideas I should consider? Please boost!

I have a strange idea. I just found out a way I could mount my phone so it faces a table.

It gave me an idea for a series of videos, maybe one in a month, where I just sit and practice drawing. I'm not good at it, but the point of the videos wont be about how good I am. Some might watch it because they find it relaxing and I'll have music, or maybe I'll talk as I draw with little music, or maybe there's another kind of audience I might not know about. What do you guys think?

New version of coming out I see! Let's see if the platform is any more tolerable than the last time I've used it!

I know most of you wouldn't care, but an excellent addition to the pool of videos would be short videos of just splashing and hanging out in a bird bath. No music, just the sound of nature.

I think it'd have its little following. If I had my own place, I'd set up a little bird sanctuary in the back yard and do this. A small, relaxing hobby project with a great reward. All videos would be :cc_cc: licensed of course.

Are there any decent instances that aren't flooded with untagged porn and pirated movies?

Turns out hundreds of accounts were banned without appeal for those who used a specific emote during a livestream. claimed to have fixed the damage but many say that there are still issues...

Wow. I sure hope more and more people learn about , and the . People need these services now more than ever.

Since 2 came out and I've changed my regular instances, I actually feel a bit better about Peertubes culture. I'm seeing 1000x less pirated My Little Pony episodes but 1000x more stabbot, which is a positive exchange. Also, I haven't seen anything from that one instance that fakes its numbers, but I still see pirated TV shows. Hopefully as time goes by, we'll see a larger diversity of content and users. Something for everyone.

Hyped about 2.0, especially the new player they're developing! Hopefully this marks a turning point for the community, and we'll see a better functioning varied catalogue instead of My Little Pony pirated episodes trending for 1232 days in a row on all instances.

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