It's the start of a new month, which means I've updated my Wikiproject on .

I'm looking for ways to increase mapping activity regarding bus stops in the city.

The thing is, most of the bus stop mapping in January has been done by me alone on my walks. As much as I like exploring around the city and I kinda wanna see as much of it as I can, I can hardly make a dent in terms of completing the map on my own. Any suggestions?

Obligatory map provided.

Merry Christmas , green are the bus stops present in and red are the ones that are missing!

I know I don't have to do this all by myself, but I don't know if I can pull off a mapping party, or how many man hours I could reasonably generate by rallying a group up for this task. Not to mention the pandemic making this task extra difficult. I also realize that this task gets much easier for those with a mode of transport. Even just a bike makes this easier.

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Fellas, reporting to you live, we just got a fierce blow to my efforts with the reception of this message from IRC.

It appears that the license IS compatible, but must be approved individually.

It's time to prepare my import plan! I'm hoping to pull it off by the new year. Once my time is up, I'm not sure that I'll renew my efforts.


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Getting controversial up in here. Got an email from OpenData Calgary suggesting the OGL is compatible with . Just sent an email to the Data Working Group for further confirmation.

Here's hoping the data is compatible!


fellas, I'm considering the controversial move of importing a dataset for my city's transit system to . I've been told that there's some essential reading that I aught to do before going all-in. Are there any specific wiki pages I should look at? Anything important I should consider?

I wanna create a CSV file of all existing nodes of a specific type from / of a specific area, so I can compare and contrast them with some data I'll be importing. What do I do?

Also, I have a CSV file of nodes that I'll eventually want to import. How do I go about doing this?

Alright, I'm getting bored of walking the same trails all the time. I'm gunna start mapping transit routes again on in .

It's gunna be cold, so I'll be wearing gloves and using one of those touch pens to keep me warm.

I'm trying to stay away from doing unecessary work, but I might take pictures or videos of animals while I'm out there for . I'll keep away from blogging about it.

Seeing this reminds me of how much improvement could be done in the project for . I know most of us can't do a lot, but maybe sometime in the future, we should all take maybe a day out of our schedules to improve the map of our city.

They might have big, fancy mapping cars, but we have a million people, some who are very creative, and the vast majority have phones. Let's do this!

Hey fedi. Are there any good offline editors that work offline that're available via F-Droid? Preferrably one that lets me add the name of roads.

I've honestly been thinking a lot about the stereoscopic capability of our phones and thinking about how it can be used to benefit ( ). Where I live, I had difficulty mapping out a train station due to how poor the GPS signal was. If I instead took a series of stereoscopic pictures and then used trigonometry to calculate depth and position, I could accurately map out the station and other places.

Food for thought for sure. It doesn't require being in the cold for long.

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