When you install Debian on your friends broken Windows laptop and you introduce them to the world of as their laptop roars back to life.

Cool fact that's made me upset: Cannot install drivers for the wifi chip of a laptop Im fixing for someone because Intel decided not to host the download file anymore because it's old.

Now I'm forced to use a different chip because this one is "broken".

Can't install a libre system for him because I can't recommend libre systems to an average user. Libre Linux has lost its momentum in the battle against Windows, and nothing to deal with Android.

We've gotta pick up the momentum here folks.

What should I start working on?

1) I have yet to find a working midi parser that's also well documented enough to be usable.

2) Hardly any games on the LibreGameWiki actually have packages for the libre distros.

3) There are plenty of libre chess engines capable of beating 99% of all chess players, but that leaves none that are actually fun to play against.

4) A Grab n' Go alternative installer for Parabola GNU/Linux. Installs a DE with all of the most popular software out of the box.

You're a freak, so you're looking for a that respects your freedom. You naturally go to the website and look at products with the RYF certification.

You're thinking about buying a T500. How much RAM does it have?

Just read about telemetry being added to . :( Anyone know anything about this?

Now, like a true hero of :buffcat: , I use GNU Icecat as my daily driver browser, installed from the F-droid repo. Upon long-pressing a link, you're presented with a list of options. Open link in a new tab, copy link or bookmark. There's space for a fourth option at the top, but it's populated with icons instead of text. These icons are essentially what ever extras Android feels like it can provide.


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For users running a fully distribution such as , or , would you still use your CURRENT distribution if it lacked certain features?

Boosts appreciated!

Hey guys, I write a blog post regarding some of my criticisms of distributions, such as and , and how our priorities seem to be misplaced.

I know the recently adjusted their high priority projects list, and I can't help, after exploring these distributions, feel that they're still missing one very important project. A distribution that anyone can use.


Here we are, us libre software goobers, sitting on our high thrones and looking down upon everyone else.

And yet, not a single GNU endorsed distro runs decently well enough out of the box for a newbie to just install-and-go, without eventually running into a catastrophic issue.

"We didn't realize that we were making memories. All we knew was that we were having fun."

This is how the Libre Software/Culture movement should feel. Instead, we choose to be assholes to each other.

Let's stop and rethink our priorities here. Let's start putting humanity in front of our delicate egoes for once...

@trickster @emacsen
If the movement were ideal, along with fighting for the four essential freedoms, the perfect group dynamic would also provide the following:

* Emotional support
* Tech support
* Learning resources
* Friendship
* New Interests
* New Skills
* An enhanced self esteem through participation

What is this list missing? Boosts appreciated!

It also makes me think about the state of .I don't think I have a lot of faith in the FSF anymore as the unrelenting voice that it used to be. Yet, I also don't think pure strictness in the ideology is the way to go.

For example, for some people, running with a vanilla kernel may be the best option to get as close to total liberty as possible. Yet, even mentioning that a non-libre kernel is possibly installable violates the FSDG. Obviously non-libre = bad, but... really?

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Guys. If you have ever experienced any behaviour that has made you want to keep away from the free software movement, I'd love to hear your stories!

Behaviours can be as subtle as know-it-all-ism up to as harsh as harassment and sexually offensive behaviour.

Boosts appreciated!

As a part of a project that I've been working on, I've had to think a lot about what a user who's new to or in general may think or need when using a fully system such as .

It's made me realize the importance of good, complete, beginner friendly , which Trisquel's docs are none of the above.

Since Trisquel is acting like this, I figure I'm gunna check out some other distros. The ones I wont be checking out are ones that I'm either familiar with and know I wont like, or are dormant.

The Canidates:
1) - Prolly dormant but pretends that their beta is ready for use.

2) - Run by a company as questionable as their GNU endorsement.

3) - Everyones favourite. Not perfect but good enough most of the time.

Do you guys have a preference?

What would you name a project whose goal is to take the very exclusive ability to create sophisticated and complex digital audio projects and give it to the average Joe, who can't afford expensive software subscriptions and equipment?

I'm disassembling my laptop. I'm going to try to remove the microphone. I think I'll leave the camera because it's got tape over it. Should I remove it anyways?

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