I made a thing. It's not my best work, but I figure it'll be appreciated nevertheless.

A mix of bittersweet instrumental music.


project in my city, documenting the hospital.

I would love these images to be published under a license! I think it'd bring so much to the commons!


What would you name a project whose goal is to take the very exclusive ability to create sophisticated and complex digital audio projects and give it to the average Joe, who can't afford expensive software subscriptions and equipment?

I wish I could take the sound of a particular genre from the 90's, bring it back to today, and give it to the world.

I wish we had a true and proper underground remix culture, but I suppose we must be lacking the tools. At least, I hope that's why it doesn't exist yet. Listen to this in full, and imagine the beauty that we're all collectively missing out on, by feeding on whatever the music industry and algorithms decide is 'trendy'.


I have a bit of a silly idea, but the two books I found gave me a thought. What if, on every solstace and equinox, someone put together a collection of short stories or short novels, all , as a readers digest?

To go along with the idea, we could have a thing where people read it throughout the season, rate each story, comment on them and whatever, like a . I feel like it could to a lot to enrich . Thoughts?

This silly meme video that was made in a Windows 95 VM using a program about 20 years old using a bunch of assets made by fans of the old software has got me thinking an awful lot about and how the strictness of copyright and the hoarding of assets really hurts our culture. Copyrights should expire after a period of time. Freaking Steamboat Willie is still exclusively owned by Disney. It actually makes me angry.

Enjoy this before it gets claimed.


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