Fellas, I'm considering quitting both tea and soda.

I'll only allow myself and .

Just thinking about it sounds nearly impossible...

There's something comfy about drinking water that's hot, but not hot enough to burn your mouth.

Today is my last day of the 90 day soda pop fast! I have gone the entire way without any pop what-so-ever!

Which Bubly is best Bubly?

It's day 15 with no soda pop . It's too easy now. I feel like I could keep this up forever. The sugar cravings are much lighter now, but at the same time, I'm not exactly keeping away from it, but I'm not really buying it either anymore. Let's see where this takes me next week.

Day 6 I think. I'm craving pop and sugar. I'm also feeling thirsty for no reason. I think I'm gunna eat a cookie and drink a little water. Hopefully it settles things. Stress of any kind at all makes it worse.

Just finishing day 5 of 90 of no soda pop. I'm having sugar cravings (not too bad) and I've noticed that I've developed a bit of an unquenchable thirst. I'm worried that this may lead to more intense cravings in the future.

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