Fellas, I've teamed up with my Design Team to update my brand. Goodbye boring white, hello social media purple!

Fellas, join me in this new trend.

I'll be expecting you.

Fellas, don't get your neurons tangled up with NFT's. They literally cause dementia!

NSFW, do NOT look!! 

Nothing turns me on quite like a Mean Cashier who's also a Hot Cheeto Girl.

New mic stand w mic at computer store: 145 CAD
Lamp and Rockband mic at thrift store: 25 CAD

When you install Debian on your friends broken Windows laptop and you introduce them to the world of as their laptop roars back to life.

When you tell a joke to a group of people but only one other person gets it but at least they find it really funny.

I just got this pop up. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating this is. All these random awful changes seriously have me considering using something else yet again.

Tried making a timelapse video of me drawing using the Draw app on the . Made a mistake that made me lose the video file. Here's the resulting pic anyways.

What should I draw next?

I did a thing. Here are screenshots. Thinking about what I should do with the interior or how to make the exterior look nicer.

Massive spook warning!! 

If you look closely, there's a ghost in this video!!

Fellas, is this kind of locale support common? What other applications show you their help screen in more than one language?

Classic Google move. Convince users that Javascript is 1000% essential for a webpage to load.

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