Based on the shit going on with JK Rowling, I checked out Nina Paley's twitter.

She's quoting the above, and selling a transphobic t-shirt.

I feel so ashamed of having worked with her.

I had no idea, and I genuinely think something in her switched to become this hateful self.


@emacsen It reminds me also of Richard Dawkins, who was once beloved by quite a few. One day, something in him flipped, and started saying some nasty stuff that went completely against many of his earlier works prior that made him popular in the first place.

I myself am starting to think that maybe people really do change, often for the worst, very rapidly. Not sure what causes this kind of change though.

transphobia, extremism 

@Lofenyy @emacsen I've seen people in my life change in similar ways, and in every case it seems to be associated with algorithmically-driven, engagement based social media. Yes, people have always changed over time but until the rise of Facebook and Google-owned YouTube I'd never seen people change so abruptly. The message amplification effect of The Algorithms seems tailor made for "recruitment" for any movement, good or evil, and unfortunately evil gets "higher engagement".

I know people who work in education and healthcare who've gone full anti-vax, professional truck drivers and tradespeople who were totally pro-union, NDP (left wing) voters fall deep into the Freedom Convoy hole and go Full Trump. It's quite unreal!

Nina Paley seems to have fallen into that trap as well. Just as people are pulled into the alt-right by moderate-sounding "alt-lite" personalities and gradually pushed to extremes, Paley looks to have been pulled in gradually from "questioning" into hateful TERF.


transphobia, extremism 

@msh @emacsen @hypolite I'm not in a thinking space right now, but I want to take a moment to mention that the term "alt-lite" should definitely give rise to the term "diet Nazi's". It's like Nazi's, but with half of the hate-fueling calories!

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