Fellas, I have news. After hanging out at a local makerspace, I've finally decided to start getting back into my old software hobbies, but only when I'm hanging out over there.

I have to ask, if you could ask me to revive any of my old projects that I was working on way back then, which would you guys pick? I need programming ideas now.

@Lofenyy Since you'd be working in a makerspace: some software that makes something tangible you create a unique experience?

@Lofenyy As an example: I got into Arduino+LED programming. Since then, I created rainbow lamps, LED stripes with web control, an LED matrix in a picture frame with an SNES controller so that you could play Tetris, infinity mirrors, and POV (persistence of view) stuff like LED Poi.
Here's a starter project I created for an Easterhegg workshop:
Its software is deliberately a minimal working example to allow for experiments in software.

@Lofenyy I'd need a nice itemized list of projects you put on hold to answer that. I'm not following you long enough to know any single project of yours 😰
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