It will never be year of the Linux desktop.

Rebooted my Linux box into Windows to play a game. Came back to Linux, can't find ram disk.

No big deal, write a USB boot disk, boot it up, chroot into my existing multi disk installation, reinstall the kernel to lazily rebuild the ram disk, reboot, profit.

I'll be sure to get these instructions over to mom so when her #linux machine shits the bed, she'll know what to do. 🤮

With that said, year of the linux desktop IS 2021, believe the hype.


@Clifford I've never had Linux mysteriously break that hard though, or needed a solution that complex.

I know Linux isn't for everyone, but I think it can be perfect for those who only surf the web, for example.


The only thing I can think is that during an update, something must have borked. I’ve had it happen on production machines as well.

I think it’s a great os. There are a few OEMs that ship it, but it’s hard to recommend Linux as a daily driver if the user doesn’t have support.

Linux has been by daily driver for 10+ years now and I’ve go the experience to hack problems out. But Windows and MacOS are consistently functioning as expected.

@Clifford I can agree with all pf that, except maybe the Windows bit. Often times, I feel like my dad would have less issues if he was running Linux.

Lots of Windows machines are plagued with lots of malware, often without the person working on it having any idea how it got there.

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