Twitter, Hate-Speech 

At the end of my rope with Twitter.

There's so much hate speech. The problem is some people and companies are only on twitter, so I'm concerned about cutting off an important avenue of contacting people and or companies.

I've considered deleting my history.

I'd love to hear others views.

Twitter, Hate-Speech 

This is my last straw with Twitter.

If they can't see that this should be removed, I don't want to be on their platform.

CW: Very evil antisemitic cartoon.

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Twitter, Hate-Speech 

@emacsen Why would it be a big deal to cut yourself off from a few people and a few companies who only use Twitter? If I were you, I'd have left already.

Twitter, Hate-Speech 

@Lofenyy It's the best tool I've found to book guests for Libre Lounge, and to contact companies when they don't respond to email.

Twitter, Hate-Speech 

@emacsen Yeah, that does make things tougher. Why isn't booking guests with email easier?

I assume that if booking guests for LL was easier without Twitter, you'd have no problem leaving?

Twitter, Hate-Speech 

@Lofenyy A lot of people don't have their email addresses in places I can find it, but they want to be found on social media. That's the case with a guest I'm trying to book right now, for example. I will initially reach out on Twitter, then I can move to email.


Twitter, Hate-Speech 

@emacsen Shoot, that's a pickle.

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