What would you name a project whose goal is to take the very exclusive ability to create sophisticated and complex digital audio projects and give it to the average Joe, who can't afford expensive software subscriptions and equipment?

Id like to help but my brain is currently unavailable. Ill think on that. I work with music software and would love to check it out tho.

@bendmc88 I'll be honest, the project at the moment is really no more than a bunch of ideas I have in my mind and some proof of concept software. I've gotten some pretty cool things done with it, but it's nowhere close to usable, let alone ready.

I've been doing some thinking and decided that I wanted to work on properly future-proofing my ideas, hence the need for a name. I ended up picking one out. Now I'm trying to get my ideas written down.

@bendmc88 If you were curious though, check out this Peertube channel. It's a dump of random sound files I've generated. Nothing sophisticated, but still a milestone. I recommend watching from the most popular to the least.

You gotta start somewhere. I'm not so much familiar with the software back end as much as I am using it. I do producing and audio engineering. But ill take a look at what you have. I guess I might be of more help when it comes to checking the functionality and seeing how it operates.I'll get back to you.

@bendmc88 I already know when my stuff is working, the trouble is knowing what to make.

I once wrote a low pass filter. It was excellent. It would perfectly cut off any frequency above a certain point. The problem is, is a perfect low pass filter really what people want? More likely, people would prefer a low pass filter that allows some higher frequencies to pass through, but for the higher frequencies to get quieter the higher you go, but there are so many ways to do that.

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