I have a strange idea. I just found out a way I could mount my phone so it faces a table.

It gave me an idea for a series of videos, maybe one in a month, where I just sit and practice drawing. I'm not good at it, but the point of the videos wont be about how good I am. Some might watch it because they find it relaxing and I'll have music, or maybe I'll talk as I draw with little music, or maybe there's another kind of audience I might not know about. What do you guys think?


I was thinking. I could video me drawing and talking. Upload it with very little editing, on one channel.

Then, I could take that video, delete the audio, speed it up, add CC music, and upload it as a timelapse on another channel.

The trouble is the talking part. I did have an idea for a vlog, but just trying to figure out what to talk about made it too much effort. I guess I could make it mostly silent, but then is it still worth watching?

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