I have a bit of a silly idea, but the two books I found gave me a thought. What if, on every solstace and equinox, someone put together a collection of short stories or short novels, all , as a readers digest?

To go along with the idea, we could have a thing where people read it throughout the season, rate each story, comment on them and whatever, like a . I feel like it could to a lot to enrich . Thoughts?

@Lofenyy All you need to start something like that is an email for submissions, a website, ~500 words to spell out guidelines and dates, and a single story. I've done something similar. Please let me know if you ever get it started.

@petit I was considering going with the original idea but after some time thinking I decided that it'd likely be simpler to CC book club instead, where everyone suggests either a CC novel or collection of short stories to be about the length of a novel, we read it and review and discuss it, then we do it all again three months later.

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