Programming makes me think that people value the things they do because they were hard, not because they were useful. Once I master the hard thing, I'm proud of myself and find it easy to forget that perhaps that damn thing should not have been so hard in the first place. Probably true for a lot of human activities.
Stuff should simply be easier, that is all.

@kensanata I would argue that we all live in interesting times. I would say one of the most interesting times in the futures history books.

That aside, the project that I am most obsessed with right now is about making it as easy as possible to do complex musical things. It will be a complex project, but I hope that it will make the lives of everyone who uses it easier, and the lives of those affected indirectly by it happier.

@Lofenyy The music thing sounds very interesting. And my reply to Wolf was, of course, a Chinese curse. 😃

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