Fried chips! You can add salt and use them in place of potatoes chips, or a veil of powdered sugar and you get a nice crunchy dessert. Had the salted version this evening as a side dish.

Why does 2020 feel like the year of the Nazi's?

Yesterday I fell off my bike in the most Arthur way possible. I was waiting at a stop light and I missed my footing. Slid off the seat and landed in the planter next to the curb.

The best part is that it took a few seconds and I kept trying to regain my balance. Almost recovered several time.

So there I was, laying in a planter, laughing with my bike tangled in my legs. No real injury other than a slightly sore left buttcheek. So, overall a pretty great ride.

homo erectus born after the ice age can't cook, all they know is, paint wall, hunt boar, fletch they arrows, run, be fat, eat hot berry and lie

So my wife's phone is starting to fall apart - a LG G7 ThinQ, and I am thinking about getting her a Fairphone 3+



the definition of "there's no ethical consumption under capitalism" is "I can buy whatever i want as long as i pretend hatsune miku made it"

strong opinion 

i really dislike spotify, and most of the reasons are clearly just grouchy personal preferences of mine. but i can't shake the feeling that it is also actually objectively bad. i think paying artists effectively nothing, destroying the concept of "i have a copy of this record" and encouraging everything to turn into an endless soup of background playlists has done more to devalue individual pieces of music as culturally important, meaningful artifacts than piracy ever did

Did you guys know that Ben Shapiro's sister has a Youtube channel? Just found out...

Did a projector-outside-movie hangout with some mates, and watched Labyrinth. The recent high-def remaster!

Now I dunno about you but I never saw Labyrinth on anything but a tape on a CRT, I never saw it in the cinema.

Guys there is glitter ALL OVER EVERYTHING in that film. SO MUCH GLITTER. I never saw it before 'cause those tiny points of light were hiding in the scanlines, but on high-def it's very obvious that the only thing not covered in glitter is David Bowie, which is weird

anyone else's kid come in to their room and read them the same falafel and hummus recipe from their cookbook every night before bedtime? no? just me?

love sleeping in my gothic castle with the window open and wearing an extremely revealing nightgown. sure hope a vampire of some kind doesn't come to threaten my virtue!!

Quote of the day:

"I don't get why all this stuff has to use all these stupid hipster names like 'error creating beans' what the fuck is that even supposed to mean."

"error creating beans" fucking killed me I can't stop laughing help.

Talk Like A Pirate day is where you pretend you're living under the Ballmer regime and advocating for installing linux without paying the SCO license fee

the existence of fossbros—ie, fossbrothers—implies the existence of other members of the fossfamily, such as fossmothers
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