@crash_override I remember when network processes would cause the keyboard handler to drop keystrokes in Windows. I remember when the meme came out that stated:
Windows is ine or bckground commcatons. -- Bill Gates.

Does anyone else here remember when using wifi would break pulseaudio, or vice-versa?

I remember.

I've been using my main mouse for around 15 years. With regular cleanings, of course.

Dis.cool is creating profiles of Discord users who have never signed up for their service and they are refusing to delete them. They know what communities you are in, what games you have played, your username and ID, along with other things behind a paywall. old.reddit.com/r/privacy/comme

"this boy peacock, let he fly"
Dr. Professor, PhD

I wrote my own academic recommendation letter (Dr. Professor, PhD has to approve and sign it, though), my butt hurts from so much self circle jerking.

what do you mean by git gud at El English?

"We need to get the youth more engaged in politics."

"Oh no, the youth are being engaged in politics!"

Have you ever sent a fax?

[feel free to boost this to maximize response.]

On the way to work this morning I saw a lorry like this one. Had to do a double take because I thought I'd found MEME LOGISTICS

On the 8th floor in Luigi's Mansion 3, a picture of the cast of Mario Strikers Charged can be seen on the wall at an angle (left). Since the camera cannot be moved in-game, I edited the image to straighten out the picture (middle) and attempted to identify the characters (right). t.co/QG8744G2dl

If kid me could saw adult me, he'd be disappointed with the number of naps I WILLINGLY take every day.

what if I made a crypto coin whith a fixed value of 0$, 0£, 0₹, 0₱, 0₩, 0¥, 0₾, 0₿, 0etc?

house of lords?

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