Kind of want to form a religion based around guns and war and sports and fast food.

Like, fill the Bible with product placement. Make Jesus split a Big Mac to feed his followers. Let David use a Beretta Pico to defeat Goliath. Turn the Roman Empire into Microsoft.
Burger Christ

@dansup You know, I'm actually pretty surprised of the local talent here! I'm amazed that someone who could be working on something like PixelFed could live so close by! This is mostly due to the fact that I don't think so highly of the city I live in and its culture. I'm sure you must know already that Theo De Raadt, the creator of OpenBSD is a Calgarian, and so was the creator of Java but I don't think he's lived here in forever.

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

@sean My biggest take-away from Steam Machines is selling underpowered single-purpose consoles is tough if you're not already entrenched in that area. I think the folks that licensed the Atari estate are going to find that lesson out the hard way.

I think one of the lessons to be learned from the failure of Steam Machines is that you can either be the singular producer of a video game console, or you can manufacture a PC.

The device cannot be both things at once.
I'm glad that I have access to the Internet so that I have access to places that catalog the awful things that people post on the Internet and allow me to engage in an elaborate form of lightweight self harm
doing offshore banking by pushing a bank into the sea

not on fdroid is not a scam!, objectives are not-for-profit

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

take me down to managed code city where the stacks are huge but the objects are pretty

I've been thinking a lot about my junk food cravings. I think they might actually come moreso from fat and/or salt rather than sugar. I don't really crave sugar that much and eating just a single chocolate bar actually makes me feel sick.

The existence of suspend to RAM means that I exist in a world where I sometimes turn a computer on to turn it off.

‪Me: The decade is almost done and trying to automate having two users use a web app with shadow DOMs in it still feels like an impossible task to achieve‬

‪Coworker: at least we got a Cybertruck ‬

violence, anger 

ok ok, I didn't read the website because reading is for nerds, the browser thing is vscode, but you can create "cloud Managed environments" for your projects that can be used in regular visual studio for windows and not for linux, also available on mac but not linux. probably will be released on ios and android but not linux. TM

I'm still a student for 3 weeks so I'm testing Visual Studio online with my azure for students thing. They make you create a VM just for that, doesn't sound like a scam at all

Random question that popped up in my head 

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