The Art of Computer Programming by Jerry Seinfeld and Danny DeVito.

Seriously thinking about writing a blog post that outlines all my best practices.

C Best Practices - Objective Truths and Lots of Theory.

@vicorva @ifixcoinops Crouching at least 3 meters away from the cat; having the cat look at me (usually crouching is enough); and then looking _away_ from the cat, not solliciting its attention anymore, just letting my hand dangle at nose-boop level… then the cat can peacefully convince itself that _it_ chose to come to me X-)

Wroting a book called "How To Write C For People Who Think Life Is A Sitcom for God - A Personal Retrospective"

can you even call yourself a nuclear family if you're not packed in a dense clump and surrounded by a cloud of electrons?

Watch our for the launch of my book, "Writing functional style C".

What I find really weird is that loads of companies have their own TLDs but just don't use them. Like, Apple owns .apple, the BBC owns .bbc, etc. but I've never seen a site using any of those TLDs.

Seems like a waste really. Obviously they're being bought to stop other people from taking them, but you could at least use them.

Nearly replied to a text from my mum with "YEET" which would've been interesting...

@Lofenyy The speed takes my breath away kinda the same way my quad core did 15 years ago.
This one cost roughly $800-$900 and I purchased the parts a few at a time. Then I found the mobo was too big for the cases I had so needed to purchase a new case too.

Also to whoever's running the backup script on my laptop could you PLEASE knock it off until I'm done watching cat videos?? Thanks...

Sausage, pesto and crackers is not a meal. For those who, like me, where unaware...

perhaps today was the wrong day to cycle home from work

I'm applying some good ol' changes to a backup script I wrote. Now, I wrote the script hastily and only for myself, but gosh darn it I used as many good practices as I could! Now I'm implementing a new feature, and I've just learned that bash doesn't have a goto statement! But I never wrote the script to have functions!

This script was supposed to be set and forget but it's turned into quite a project!

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