weird internal monologue 

million dollar idea:
heavily raytraced Chess video game
that's it




it is a longstanding English tradition for bee keepers to inform their hives of any going-ons in the community, primarily births, deaths and Marriages.

This is thought to be a remnant from the Bronze age belief that bees could cross back and forth into the underworld and carry messages.

It was said if the bees were not kept informed they would leave, stop producing honey or all die.

If there was a death in the beekeepers family, the hives would be given black drapings for the mourning period.

Stealing my girlfriend's slippers to go to the gas station.

Me: I wanna take the dog for a walk.
Outside: Rapidly dropping barometer, dark clouds.
Me: Hrmmm probably gonna rain soon, we should hurry.
Dog: What, can't you feel the weather? ((translated from: stubbornly refuses to walk))
Me: Oh, come on, you big baby.

**two blocks later**

Clouds: HAHAHAHAHA FUCK YOU, BUDDY! 🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️
Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I always appreciate when my desktop environment freezes entirely because its thrashing in swap because I opened two electron apps or something, but mpd just keeps going anyway so at last I have music while I wait 10 minutes for it to become responsive again


I was thinking. I could video me drawing and talking. Upload it with very little editing, on one channel.

Then, I could take that video, delete the audio, speed it up, add CC music, and upload it as a timelapse on another channel.

The trouble is the talking part. I did have an idea for a vlog, but just trying to figure out what to talk about made it too much effort. I guess I could make it mostly silent, but then is it still worth watching?

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In which Dee gets distracted by a Wordpress plugin for ten minutes instead of looking at what they originally intended to look at.

I have a strange idea. I just found out a way I could mount my phone so it faces a table.

It gave me an idea for a series of videos, maybe one in a month, where I just sit and practice drawing. I'm not good at it, but the point of the videos wont be about how good I am. Some might watch it because they find it relaxing and I'll have music, or maybe I'll talk as I draw with little music, or maybe there's another kind of audience I might not know about. What do you guys think?

The Stache stat in the Mario & Luigi series represents the impressiveness of Mario and Luigi's mustaches, though the games' graphics do not reflect any change in their appearance as it increases. A Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga manga shows Mario's mustache at different stats.

I like it websites show me an "adblocker not detected, consider using an adblocker" message because, uh, thanks, actually, I have this installed already.
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