Enjoying this YouTube series about Tesla-swapping a 1950 Jaguar

Particularly good job of explaining the structural/mounting/rust/etc issues with taking a 70 year old fancy tractor and dropping some very high tech bits into it.

Porn parodies 

You know how there's a porn parody of every major film? Why isn't there a "Big Fuck Bunny"?

Imagine being gay and loving Satan without being exposed to $MUSIC.

Today we're kicking off the #GNU Assembly!


This is a new umbrella for GNU people seeking transparent decision-making and built around consensus. It's the result of a decade of struggle to make #GNU inclusive, transparent, and community-driven.

#GNU contributors: consider joining!

#FreeSoftware activists: help us spread the word!

I lifted a pigeon once. I was surprised by how light it was.

Microsoft included a full implementation of Word inside Teams, even on their Linux version

I'm using a legit version of Microsoft Word on Linux

:oh_no: Wrapping all of my new posts in :oh_no: since it accurately portrays my state. :oh_no:

I'm having one of the worst depressed episodes of my life, if not the worst. I just spent the whole day in bed, only to be woken up to be told that my dad just had a heart attack. It hasn't sunken in yet. This is his second overall.

USpol. Do not open. 

@trickster @DeeUnderscore I'm watching streamers make fun of Ben Shapiro. Turns out, he once had an interview where he admitted that in his 10 year marriage, he's never made his wife orgasm.

They were laughing, saying that if she has a "wet ass p-word", then there's something wrong with her and she needs to be taken to the hospital.

This is the only thing I find funny enough to be mildly amused. Let me have it.

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I feel physically awful today. I have zero idea why. Had trouble getting out of bed. I'm irritable. I don't feel like doing anything at all besides eat, and I only feel like eating trash.

People who talk about the problems with "PC Culture" are often the biggest cry babies.

"Put away your torches and your pitchforks and instead grab your scalpels, because we have some cancer to excise from the FSF and that cancer is the board of directors."


#fsf #foss


I think the reason why I've been so bad lately is because I've subconsciously come to the conclusion that I have absolutely nothing to look forward to. My life in this moment is as enjoyable as it ever will be. I'm already miserable, and everything from here is downhill, so why bother living? What's the point?

If you've thought of an answer to this question, just note that I've probably thought of it first, and have already considered it.

Why can't they just deliver the vaccine over 5G instead of making us leave our homes?!

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