I've made a brief stint into game development related stuff. Not really looking to make a game but to use it for something else.

Barely scratched the surface but Unity is incredibly powerful and fun to work in.

If anyone has any good resources on path finding and/or low level networking in Unity I'd be super interested. mastodon.technology/media/EI7Z

@LinusRe what sort of networking in unity are you interested in? How low? I have mainly worked with bolt in unity.

@taterTraitorDictator Oh, sorry didn't see this until now! Basically I want to be able to talk with non-Unity clients, and my only viable way thus far has been to set up a socket interface over UDP. The clients need to be able to run on a fairly basic interface written in C.
Thanks for the reply, I'll check bolt out!

@LinusRe Bolts pretty unity reliant so it likely won't be of much help. Rolling your own would probably be quicker, as long at the network topologies are some what simple.

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