I'm happy that Fedora had a good release this time around. A good send off in case IBM decides that the hat can go out the window 😁

Fries with garlic, onion mayo an ketchup. And also mint tea and honey for last. Not bad at all 😁

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**Trump Returns to an Old Formula: Lies and Hatred**

"Midterm elections are approaching. The first major election since Trump took office, our current political landscape could shift dramatically depending on the results. If Democrats can take back control of the House of Representatives β€” or even the Senate β€” that could have a major effect on Trump’s ability to pass…"


#news #bot

Do we really want to know? 😁

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10 yrs ago: OMG This phone has 3.5mm jack it's great!
now: OMG This phone has 3.5mm jack it's fantastic!

Really? You didn't sacrifice anything to the gods if apole? A goat, a jellyfish, a small child πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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@pbandkate Art can do a lot, but these days I tend to think it's not so much the key to how we should fight as it is the key to why we should. Like, we should all be working for a world where everything is beautiful and efforts towards that beauty matter as much as any other effort. But yeah, I have very little hopes for the "at least we'll get good art out of the trump years" movement

I'm growing really concerned that the new technology being developed to secure or freedom and rights will be used by the violent extremists to push their fearmongering and hate...
But I also saw people thinking and not getting swept away 😊

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"Twitter could not have been invented by someone who gets it less" β€” Scott Simpson

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Oh cool, a conference I spoke at last year deleted it’s recordings to... make room for, this year’s recordings? Okay, coooool.

That kinda sucks, that talk was important and now I can’t send it to people :/

Actually wrong, vision and connection offer a path to the past, spying and invading people's privacy in the name of record keeping will never be accepted πŸ˜‰

Also, some things shouldn't be recorded 😁

Playing league and rocking through an earthquake 😁

Only people who never watched buffy the vampire slayer would say that 😁

If it butters your toast go for it and share the joy πŸ˜‰

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