Hey tooters 🐘 here's a short about me (I've had an account on this instance since 2019 but had to create a new one for the user tag):

- I've successfully completed my bachelor's degree (CS) in 2021
- now working as a Full Stack Developer since then ( )
- I like exploring, being creative and taking photos with my camera which I then publish for free
- using
- and how to take better notes is the goal
- Gaming
- & 🎶

@Liberonscien woah there are so many great artists 🤔
Skrillex, Vanic, Don Diablo, Fox Stevenson, modestep, Angerfist, noisia, russian village boys, knife party, miike snow, barely alive etc.

And you?


@ChristianKrebel I like Far Too Loud, Zomboy, and I also like Skrillex.

I especially love EDM that starts off with a scientist character explaining the theme of the song. For instance, Virus by Excision starts off with a brief overview of the fictional X Virus before getting into the song. I love that.

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