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Why non-profit organizations choose open source software - It's increasing in importance as more European non-profits shift to products like Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE


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There's also research happening to improve Briar's meshnet capabilities. While Briar's codebase is modular, Briar alike and compatible apps are likely to emerge in the coming years.
Instead of one to fit all use cases, several that fit the different use cases better might become an emerging solution.

Research will show the path, time will tell.

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For example, Briar shares your Bluetooth address with your contacts so they can connect to you via Bluetooth when they're nearby.

This got addressed in our FAQ:

In future there might be an option to adjust this per contact, or a fork that will focus on anonymity over offline usability.

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A common misconception of Briar's threat model is, that it aims to offer anonymity.
In its current state it provides unlinkability but not anonymity. This means nobody else can discover who your contacts are, but your contacts may be able to discover who you are.

The reason for that is a usability trade off, between being an p2p messenger that also works offline and providing anonymity.

The talk “Diving deep into Briar - a closer look at its internals” is now online.

"After shortly introducing Briar and talking about the features it offers, I showed how Briar works on the lower levels and how it makes use of the Bramble Protocols."
It's available on #peertube and youtube.

more here:

Since Briar's last feature release that added image attachments, 4 more release been made. 🎉

They include mostly bug fixes and translation updates.

You'll find the changelogs here:

If you had trouble using Briar in the past, those bug fixes may solve your issue.

What ever issue you encounter, please report them to us, so that we can fix them. :-)

DW has an article about safe messaging in case of an Internet shutdown:

Shout-out to @briar , you guys got some nice coverage there!

Has Briar been independently audited?

Yes, Briar was audited by Cure53 in 2017. You can read the audit report here:

All the issues identified by the audit were fixed before the first public release of the app.

Security audits are expensive so we can't commission an audit for every release, but our current grant includes funding for another audit in 2023.

If you have suggestions for improvement, shout your ideas to us.

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It's finally here, teasing is over:

I'm excited to launch #keyoxide today!

#FOSS solution for easy encryption, signature verification and decentralized identity proofs!

I've been in favor of #DeleteKeybase but I never had something to offer as an alternative. Now I do :)

Our new #Fairphone USB-C 3.2 Long Life cable is lifetime-lasting, fast-charging and multi-purpose! 💪

It transfers data up to 10GB per second, includes a #multipurpose adapter and is reinforced with braided kevlar and nylon for exceptional #durability

@Framasoft participara a las Jornadas de Economía Solidaria organizadas por REAS Navarra hoy a las 19 : “Plataformas libres en un mundo mercantilizado”

Hablaremos de redecentralización de la Internet : un poco de historia, vigilancia/publicidad/autonomía, degafamización y @ChatonsOrg


Es la herramienta ideal para hacer #videoconferencias de forma segura para tus datos.

Sin necesidad de instalar ninguna aplicación en tu teléfono o computador podrás:

✅Crear una sala.
✅Hacer videollamadas o llamadas.
✅Compartir información de forma segura.

A new record: I’m now following -2 people on Twitter.

Ever since I unfollowed everyone – why? For my peace of mind… see –Twitter’s lost the plot. Today it showed me following two people. When I clicked through, it was four. Unfollowed them and…

(If they’re messing this up, what else are they messing up while filtering and moderating your reality and analysing and categorising you?)


We've set up a site to inform users about current stock levels, estimated availability and to relay shipping information. Currently in testing.

Check it out:

#pinephone #pinebookpro #Quartz64 #pinetab

I'd be grateful to hear how people are adding icons to websites 🤔 Would directly help me with something I'm working on.

Comments and boosts welcome! 🙇

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