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@briar the UX of forums and private groups. After some activity it becomes hard to navigate through all the branches. It needs simple group chats like in other messengers.

What is hindering you the most to use #Briar (more often)?

@bthylafh @Horizon_Innovations @protonmail @Tutanota @hyploma IIRC, is one of the more versatile ones. It can send email from to both clearnet & onion recipients, it can receive email via onion or clearnet (you have two address domains), and the UI is accessible by either onion or clearnet. Onionmail may be the same, but most services have on limitation or another.

@hyploma @Tutanota @protonmail @Horizon_Innovations @bthylafh indeed. Most clearnet services are incapable of sending mail to #onion email addresses. Even some onion email services do not accept or send onion mail. And some onion email services can't email clearnet, while others can (but some of those can't put a clearnet reply address in the header).

In case you missed it: #Anbox works on @mobian on the @PINE64
#PinePhone. Progress on making the process easier is being tracked here: If you are considering a #PinePhone, but there is that one publicly available app holding you back, please @ me.

Also, here is a hasty video I shot this morning before work:

Ran for a full workday and still had 30% on the #pinephone battery. The work on improvements to power management recently has really made a noticeable difference.

crontab guru - The quick and simple editor for cron schedule expressions to check they will execute when you expect them to

Android 11 is taking away the camera picker, forcing people to only use the built-in camera - Is Android becoming an iPhone?

find -regextype help # You don't need drugs to make your head spin. Just check out all the regex engine options find has to offer. It's a shame that PCRE isn't on the list.

Alright! I'm gonna say it! Material Design is Bad! Yup; I said it the design concept looks gross and I won't use it

In case you have a Raspberry Pi and some free time during these superhot days, we're looking for someone to test our new #raspberrypi image :

In particular we're hunting an annoying bug with curl not being able to find issuer certificates. So if you can run e.g. "curl https://" and tell wether or not you're getting a certificate error that would be super cool 🍦👍

upon having used fediverse for A While, advice 

Here's our advice in the context of the fediverse as an imperfect social network:

*) Always boost aid requests.
- Someone will meet their need
- the spot on your feed may make that connection
= even if you or your immediate friends cannot.

*) Use unfollow, mute, and filters for mental health.
- does it spark joy?
- prune your follow feed for your own needs
- remember you can mute people
- you can also unfollow someone's boosts

*) Remember to play nice when among friends.
- conflicting access needs run rampant among those who have experienced trauma
- kindness is distinct from lack of consequences for being a consistently shitty person
- be gentle with callouts
- be honest about your own actions
= be mindful of the spoon-cost and fork-inducement of your asks.

Be yourself.
Be willing to change.
Be willing to apologize.

Be careful,
this network is unencrypted,
and the admin sees everything.

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All systems are up. Another server got a nice upgrade and now it's rocking 96GB of RAM. Hopefully it will help jitsi perform a bit better (though we still need to tweak the settings there). Apart form that all servers have been nicely upgraded and power cycled.

Meet the first South African elected to lead Debian Linux - His CV includes developing a Linux OS for the South African government

Use ircs:// for an encrypted connection.

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