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Taking a Zoom training with a “IT isn't really my thing wait is my camera on I can't hear you guys haha technology am I right” boomer participant is a special kind of hell. 🤦‍♀️

Please note: is in low maintenance mode and looking for new contributors or someone interested in taking over the whole site.

Also see the note on

So, if anyone can contribute or has interest in taking over (it's a Django based project) please contact the author via Github or on Matrix

cool tool to write and decode crontab schedule expressions:*/5_*_*_*_*

The thirty-seventh edition of my weekly collection of Linux Phone news (@PINE64 #PinePhone, @purism #Librem5 and such), #LinBits, is out!

#Sxmo on Arch Linux ARM, @UBports #UbuntuTouch OTA 16, #Libhandy 1.2 and more!

March Blog Update!

- Manufacturing status report

- #SOEdge & #Quartz64 available for devs in April

- e-ink works with Q64

- #PinebookPro pre-orders this month for $220

- #PinePhone Beta Edition preorders soon & keyboard update

- #PineTime software progress and more!

F-Droid has taken the next step in providing metrics in a ethical way that includes strong privacy protections. v1.12-alpha3 has an opt-in "popularity contest" reporting mechanism in the Expert Settings. For more info, see

Most likely the #Pinephone #Beta edition from @thepine64 will be shipped out to customers in April 2021. Stock OS will be @ManjaroLinuxARM with #PlasmaMobile by @kdecommunity. So get ready for #preorders soon:

The [NULL] numberplate from Hell [CA] “The idea was I’d get VOID for my wife’s car, so our driveway would be NULL and VOID,” Tartaro says." [via Wired Mag.] 

The #NULL #numberplate from Hell [CA]

"In late 2016, Tartaro decided to get a vanity license plate. A security researcher by trade, he ticked down possibilities that related to his work: SEGFAULT, maybe, or something to do with vulnerabilities. Sifting through his options, he started typing “null pointer,” but caught himself after the first word: NULL. #Funny. “The idea was I’d get #VOID for my wife’s car, so our driveway would be NULL and VOID,” Tartaro says."


"That first year as a NULL driver was uneventful. But when it came time to renew in 2017, the DMV website no longer accepted NULL as an option. “It broke the website,” Tartaro says. Specifically, the site told him that the license plate and vehicle identification number he had entered, known as the VIN, were invalid. But Tartaro was still able to use a reference number to renew. He didn’t think much more of it.

He also didn’t think much of the ticket he got in early 2018, for not having the appropriate registration sticker on his license plate. Tartaro suspects someone scraped it off to use on their own car. He thought about fighting it, but the fine was only $35, so he decided to just pay it and move on with his life.

Then came the citations. Dozens of them, deposited in bulk to his mailbox. Parking violations, stand-stop violations, fines of $37, $60, $74, $80, from Fresno to Rancho Cucamonga. “I’ve never been to Fresno,” Tartaro says of the California city. Nor had Tartaro gone on a statewide, parking-related crime spree. Instead, by paying that $35 ticket, it appears that a database somewhere now associated NULL with his personal information. Which means that any time a traffic cop forgot to fill in the license plate number on a citation, the fine automatically got sent to Joseph Tartaro."

Kaidan 0.6.0 has been released!

Including an offline message queue, advanced message corrections and many stability fixes.

convert scanned-doc-page{1..8}.png scanned-doc.pdf # Using ImageMagick convert, convert a set of scanned images 1-8 back into a PDF file. For instance if you had to print a pdf, fill out a form, sign it, return it as a PDF. Might need to change ImageMagick policy file to work.

India anoints little-known Zoom clone called Vconsol as its home-grown videoconf tool of choice - Great idea but I'd like to have seen open source Jitsi adopted if possible - see #technology #india #opensource

Hello #Pinephone people! What shall I make my next video about? More #anbox (if so, what specifically)? #Messaging apps (which ones)? That new, old #maliit keyboard in @plasmamobile? Something completely different?

Thank you for your suggestions!

this quote just leapt out at me:

"You can run software from 1980 or 2005 on a modern desktop without too much hassle, but anything between there and 2-3 years ago? Black hole of fad frameworks and brittle dependencies."


ssh -vvv remotehost # Because sometimes one -v option isn't enough to figure out why you can't connect, you can increase the debug level in the ssh client to it's max with three v options.

YunoHost is a version of Linux designed to make it as easy as possible to run your own server, either at home or remotely.

You can follow the project here (in English and French):

➡️ @yunohost

They also have a PeerTube channel (mostly in French):

➡️ @yunohost

You can download Yunohost from the official site at

It runs on new PCs, old PCs and Raspberry Pis.

#YunoHost #Linux #SelfHosting #SelfHost #Hosting #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #RaspberryPi #HomeServer #HomeServers # The CLImagic Supplement #013 is out with in depth explanations of the posts made to climagic in the last week of July. You can access it and many more by supporting climagic on Patreon at the $2/month level.

Anyone knows why #peertube @peertube doesn't count correctly number of views?
It makes content creators discouraged for not managing to reach enough people.

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