Fantastic with the new function in .

It actually takes to "the next level" of usefulness & long term . ;
Immediately I would like the bookmark button to have the same time saving long-press as the rest of Mastalab buttons have...

With the latest fixes and improvements, your app has become my tool, to the extent that I now would like to see if I can start sharing more quality news through this channel instead of through the .

When tapping on a share link outside of Mastalab, it is important to get to select the desired account to toot that news piece FROM, BEFORE that text/link is put into a new toot.

FYI: Just posted a module ..:

"Features relevant for multi-account usage."

Looks like that module maintainer needs developer assistance. I am not aware of any ready modules that connects Drupal and Mastodon.

We really need that "soon".

I also referred in that issue to these kind of developments in the Android client. @tschneider

Yummy. Nice new version of the Android client app by @tschneider today!

Pleasant new color scheme with much improved contrast (great!), and a removal of the toot character limit, yet still showing the counter.

Elegant and practical.
Easing and refreshing our everyday communications :-)

@tschneider - Being a client, should indicate which account is currently active, at least showing the avatar in the upper right corner of screens where we make decisions to follow or boost/favourite.

I often forget and have to back out to check, and on the way loosing the toot/user (no way to go back "in"...)(a history function to go "back" in the "right side" direction would also be a great time saver and convenience).

@tschneider - The function of is lacking one particularly important function:

Whenever we reply / boost / favourite / save (bookmark) or even follow someone, we need an optional pop-up dialog asking on which account(s!!) the action should be carried out.

(Would be an enormous , not only ... - "already" has something similar, but not "all-the-way".)

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