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- ... and more or less any other out there...

Other like etc. also runs well under Linux .


Now that we ("all") are in extra jeopardy due to the and , it may be ( ) time to have a look at the 4.0-rc4 from 2018-01-31, which provides the best so far.


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FYI: those first two ("colorful") screenshots are from the "Permissions Dog" app.

(MOMOC: "Master-Of-My-Own-C*"..: 12* IT related *competence areas that I am establishing a community around. Ref. )

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Apple Addresses a Bug That Caused Disk Utility in macOS High Sierra To Expose Passwords of Encrypted APFS Volumes - Slashdot

"Then, he clicked the "Show Hint" button, which revealed the full password in plain text rather than the hint. [...]"


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