THE one major missing piece that keeps me using the #birdsite's #Tweetdeck tool ((very)much) more than Mastodon: 

Is it technically possible at the app level (, , , etc.) to allow adding accounts that one is NOT following to lists, or is that somehow restricted by architecture? @ConnyDuck @yvolk @Gargron

After quite a while of exploring the "mastoverse", I am (sadly) nowhere near being able to choose to "use (read: any m.client) INSTEAD of Twitter (read: Tweetdeck)".

This is mainly due to the lack of collections, lists and column filtering options. (Not for lack of wanting!)


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@Vavassor @tschneider @Gargron

(continued...) and of course

d) the column options:

- filter by user (limited, need more flexibility, specifically users to exclude)
- filter by content (media types, words to include/words to exclude)

(Notice cool creature below)

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is my main tool because of:

a) Quoted retweets

b) Lists: custom public/private news filters

c) Collections: cant retweet/boost everything. 'categorisation'/grouping tool + 'tag for later' when no time to check/read/consider now, hence too early to boost ('recommend'). Collections can be boosted!




My initial evaluation of including posts about its main challenges and dilemmas is as @ZeniorXV on @Gargron 's instance.

I'm now starting to explore the multi-account options using - Can we tackle more efficiently than ..?

I will continue my technical focus on from this LeeteqXV account and focus ZeniorXV on the big-picture impacts that and may have on the future of democracy.

I am focused on the challenges of tackling in a collaborative manner.

The next generation tools involves that each person has his/her own CMS-based web site as their communication central.

Do away with centralized solutions, welcome self-hosted , and (X includes both S (Systems) and F (Frameworks).

needs "Finally-Flexible-Features-For-Increased-Automation"... To all the folks buying the hype: We need .

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