When adding a column to the toolbar, it is both unexpected and unwanted behaviour to be sent back to the home timeline afterwards.

IMO it should "stay put", and let us continue reading where we were at the moment we tapped on the "+" function.


THE one major missing piece that keeps me using the #birdsite's #Tweetdeck tool ((very)much) more than Mastodon: 

Is it technically possible at the app level (, , , etc.) to allow adding accounts that one is NOT following to lists, or is that somehow restricted by architecture?

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With the latest fixes and improvements, your app has become my tool, to the extent that I now would like to see if I can start sharing more quality news through this channel instead of through the .

When tapping on a share link outside of Mastalab, it is important to get to select the desired account to toot that news piece FROM, BEFORE that text/link is put into a new toot.

After quite a while of exploring the "mastoverse", I am (sadly) nowhere near being able to choose to "use (read: any m.client) INSTEAD of Twitter (read: Tweetdeck)".

This is mainly due to the lack of collections, lists and column filtering options. (Not for lack of wanting!)


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@tschneider - The function of is lacking one particularly important function:

Whenever we reply / boost / favourite / save (bookmark) or even follow someone, we need an optional pop-up dialog asking on which account(s!!) the action should be carried out.

(Would be an enormous , not only ... - "already" has something similar, but not "all-the-way".)

@Vavassor @tschneider @Gargron

(continued...) and of course

d) the column options:

- filter by user (limited, need more flexibility, specifically users to exclude)
- filter by content (media types, words to include/words to exclude)

(Notice cool creature below)

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