8 Manjaro #Linux distribution highlights. (Re: #LinuxArch based #Manjaro #distribution gaining #popularity . - #insights) 

1. Low entry barrier: without the hassle
3. agnostic
4. superior packaging system
5. with stable option
6. switch between easily
7. worldwide repository mirrors
8. huge ; multiple language groups/channels

Ref. :
"Why Manjaro?"

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The #LinuxArch based #Manjaro #distribution is gaining #popularity . - #insights 

"From some shady metrics across the internet - Manjaro is popular. So the question is: Why?"



#reviews - "Lubuntu 18.10 (" #CosmicCuttlefish ") First Impressions: Outstanding" 

", a popular () variant which, until recently, featured the lightweight . Starting with version 18.10, the has finally com..."



"Long-termm Linux support future clarified | ZDNet

Long-term support version 4.4 will get 6 years of life (2016-2022), but that doesn't mean other editions will last so long."




Lately I am unable to connect with mastodon.host (even the "About this instance" page is unavailable/timing out), and unable to use my account(s) there.

At the same time/period, I have not had any problems with mastodon.social or mastodon.technology, so I do not think the connection timeouts are due to problems in my end.

This has been going on for quite a while now. What is the status on that instance?


@tschneider - Being a client, should indicate which account is currently active, at least showing the avatar in the upper right corner of screens where we make decisions to follow or boost/favourite.

I often forget and have to back out to check, and on the way loosing the toot/user (no way to go back "in"...)(a history function to go "back" in the "right side" direction would also be a great time saver and convenience).

Wow, there is something seriously wrong here. I boost two toots using my ZeniorXV account at mastodon.social through , and when switching account in Mastalab to reply to those toots using my LeeteqXV account at Mastodon.technology , it seems that the ID numbers of those toots have been skewed, showing toots I did not boost... The original account (still) shows the correct toots...

@Gargron @tschneider @Vavassor


What's the issue with the follower/-ing numbers across the ?

(Asking mostly for my understanding / perspective, not assuming that this is something new or unknown.)

Check these screenshots from the same account ( @dominicduffin1 ) taken with just a few minutes separation..:

mastodon.technology/media/BzCb mastodon.technology/media/KZSL mastodon.technology/media/VTmw

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