Goodness me, I am miffed with Microsoft. The recent Windows 10 update reset all my privacy settings, customisations and firewall rules – without any notice of intent to do so. And it reinstalled all the crapware tile apps I’d studiously removed previously. I am seriously irked!

@moonman I hope that's just for home-use versions. It would really stink to have the update break $EMPLOYER's #Win10 configuration.

@lnxw48a1 @moonman a work setup should be using active directory gpos to configure anyway

@kenrachynski @moonman We are, but updates often change functionality underlying the group policies, causing undesired changes in our systems. I'm about to take about one month off, so maybe I'll miss the fallout this time.

Use as the main host OS (or the maturing OS which is a hybrid of Xen+Linux) and then run Wine-incompatible software with like . Then you can disable its network/web access and do not need to worry about that bit, which essentially is not part of the software's scope.

Other SW that DO need web access: run those in separate Virtualboxes.



"(...) run those in separate Virtualboxes."

- should read:

"(...) run those in separate (s) ."

E.g. , is a more secure (and (...)) alternative to , , etc., also offering to run various as independent, separate virtual machines.

And then there is ...

@moonman @kenrachynski @lnxw48a1

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