@dansup @pea weren't you working on something like this as well?

@pea I'll be pushing the code soon if you want to work together. I'm using laravel, its like rails but faster.

@dansup I honestly have absolutely no experience with php. I'm using phoenix for mine

@pea No worries, if you are using activitpub our instances should have no problem interop wise. If not, I'm willing to support whatever federated protocol you are using.

@dansup I am using AP, yeah. Are you planning to show text-only posts on your timeline from other implementations or how're you planning to handle it? I've been sorta planning to have it possible to follow people from other instances of Fontina (my implementation), but not people from masto/plero/other AP -- they could follow you however.

@pea No, I was not planning on consuming activitystream objects without an image, anyone can subscribe but this is an image first service.

@dansup my biggest problem with that was the types of images you tend to see on other implementations (as in, you basically only get memes from masto and plero) and also a way to sort of let users know they were missing out (and maybe point them in the direction of masto and plero)

plus it just seems like it's in poor taste to let people subscribe to an Actor but filter out 95% of their posts I guess

@pea @dansup I don't think it's in poor taste. I think that's how it's supposed to work. It's much better to filter out 95% of posts than to create special properties on top of the standard... Also people on your platform will likely not follow people who post 95% text content, they will most likely either naturally follow other users of your platform, or those from Mastodon/Pleroma who post a lot of pictures that fit with your platform, so don't worry too much about that imo

Mm, that's a fair point I suppose. I just feel it's misrepresentative of a user's content to filter out a significant percentage of it and it would be better to provide them a clear path for them to view those users' content while at the same time acknowledging it's outside of the scope of the service.

At the same time, i think it's worth differentiating special properties added on top of the standard that require changes on behalf of other implementations and those that require no change

Also, you mention that users are unlikely to follow users from other platforms with a large percentage of posts that are text-only, but I sorta feel that you're discounting a fairly common behavior on social media? That being following people back that follow you

@pea @dansup On Mastodon we say: "Information below may reflect the user's profile incompletely. View full profile"



Would be very practical if that profile view had a tag cloud of the most used tags by that user, so that a quick peek would give a good idea about each account.

@pea @dansup

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