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(continued, 2/2)
- ... and more or less any other out there...

Other like etc. also runs well under Linux .


Now that we ("all") are in extra jeopardy due to the and , it may be ( ) time to have a look at the 4.0-rc4 from 2018-01-31, which provides the best so far.

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Very interesting. I just registerred a account. (First tried with Chrome for Android, but failed with a looong db debugging error message. Then registered successfully with on the laptop.)

Will schedule a event tomorrow, perhaps even with as competitor among the main topics :-)

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Since around yesterday (?), I am not abke to see or do anything with/through my @EzqimoXV user. Something is seriously wrong, looks like "all server functions" are affected.

Hi @lubuntu - excited about the new 20.04 release; Where are the "minimum system requirements"; does not seem to be mentioned on the site or in the release notes? Especially relevant for .

Did you know that Plasma Mobile apps from KDE are working well on PureOS too? :) This is Kaidan, a Kirigami XMPP client, working smoothly on a Librem 5 @kaidan @kde

Following Brave Browser's built-in functionality there is now an extension for Chrome and Firefox to view deleted webpages using the Wayback Machine

@wyatwerp not necessarily. #Hubzilla can federate over AP though, depending if the federation plug-in is installed on the instance or not. Hopefully some of the work @mike has done implementing native AP support in #Zap will be backported to Hubzilla, allowing AP support to be on by default in all hubs, without breaking #NomadicIdentity.

#NitterizeMe 1.5.0 has been published.

What's new:

- New UI
- More details about instances (locale & behind Cloudflare)
- Fix a crash when no Internet connection and clicking the globe icon

You can also download it here (Exodus report attached):

Next release of #NitterizeMe will give you more info about instances (locale and if it uses Cloudflare)

Also, you can contribute to this list here:

It's from the website side, so it's updated quickly.

#PeerTube for #YunoHost has been upgraded to version 2.1.1,

#PeerTube is federated (ActivityPub) video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent)

Fixes :
* Look at

PS: dedicated branch for ovh hosting:

Upgrade using:

$ yunohost app upgrade peertube -u

Did you know #Sengi? A Mastodon/Pleroma desktop client for Windows, Apple, Linux and web browsers?

Their official account @sengi_app

Thank you to @NicolasConstant for that project 👍


Project page:


#ForgeFed update! 😀

We're planning to implement in both #Pagure and #Gitea. Still waiting to finalize funding details with NLNet.

Implementation of author-hosted tickets in Vervis is in progress, and so is OAuth2. Next will come patches/MRs, and then we can finally release that Draft 1 along with a demo.

We're looking into making better docs, maybe a talk too. Would you prefer to read, or to see/hear me explaining? 😋


If you use #NitterizeMe and get a message saying the app stopped after forwarding the intent, this is not a wanted behavior (the app should silently shutdown after doing its work). It's a bug in 1.1.0. Everything is fixed in 1.4.0 and should be available really soon on #Fdroid you can also already use that version at

I want to implement emoji reactions for #Pleroma. Does someone know if statuses embed them or it needs an extra call to the api? ?

Do you know an instance where I can test that? I am searching an instance running the dev branch. Thanks.

Heavy users of Flatpak apps will appreciate Flatseal, a new GTK app that makes managing Flatpak permissions a lot easier

> Google is now banning the popular Linux browsers named Konqueror, Falkon, and Qutebrowser from logging into Google services because they may not be secure.
> [...] a browser may be blocked from signing in for the following reasons:
> - Don’t support JavaScript or have Javascript turned off.

So Google says that not only is JavaScript not harmful, it actually __improves__ your security.

This has to be the hottest take I've seen this year. :brain4:

Woop-woop! Wir haben endlich eine #Thunderbolt3 Dockingstation für #Linux im Sortiment!
Woop-woop! We finally have a #Thunderbolt3 docking station for #Linux in our assortment!


"Q&A: Out-of-the-box #ONLYOFFICE in #Nextcloud Hub + new integration features" - find out answers by to the most popular questions @

#Nextcloud Files is the most secure and private way to share and collaborate on documents.💻 find out more @⚡️

There are plenty of tutorials on how to flash SD cards for use with #RaspberryPi from Windows, but here's one for doing the same thing from Linux:  via @JayTheLinuxGuy

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