It's funny, I was on a collision course with my heritage all along.

It's almost like it was impossible for me to escape.

Deine Liebe ist Fluch und Segen
Meine Liebe kann ich dir nicht geben

Odd how emotional this song has become for me. I bought my wife the single when it came out. It's like it was inevitable, Deutschland was going to always pull me back in. It's gotta claim at least one of her lost kids from my family.

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I am inordinately proud of having never worked at Google or Facebook, which is a thing facebookers understand and googlers do not

Heh, me and my conundrum is like changing the meta data in a file. The files content is the same. But the way it's viewed if diffrent.

Now, well do I embrace my family history or do I ignore it like I did when I thought it was Dutch

I mean it feels strange as hell and I really don't know what to do. I do German cultural things with my wife but they feel diffrent now, do I embrace it or just ignore it?

I'm stuck, I worry if I just embrace it I'll look like an idiot and a fool, but it's not like I can avoid German culture. I'm not going to stop going to events for my wife and encouraging her, but do I do? I'm lost.

I feel dirty, I got peer pressured into using WhatsApp.

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#OpenBSD has disabled #DoH by default in our #Firefox packages. This is active in -current, and will be in our 6.6 -release.

From @otto 's commit message:

"""Disable DoH by default. While encrypting DNS might be a good thing, sending all DNS traffic to Cloudflare by default is not a good idea.
Applications should respect OS configured settings."""

I guess its been 74 years a good run for such a lie. I guess the family who really knew have now all passed. But I just struggle to process this.

If it wasn't for the fact I married a German, a person who I was encouraging to embrace her culture again, I would not of found out.

Everything we did with that side of the family.
The Traditions,
The Meals,
The Stories,

All German/East Friesian, They didn't even try to hide it, they just never expected us to question it I guess.

I questioned it, and I know.

This all being said, they lied to my Mother as well. I cant even broach the subject with her, it would hurt her so much.

God knows what the remaining portion of that family would do if they found out, that I found out.

I have been in a good state of shock for the last day.

I don't get it, who could lie this hard? Who would think it could be hidden forever?

Been digging into my past, maybe a bit to deeply.
Turns out my background is not what I thought it was. I was always told part of my Family was Dutch, we where told that out entire lives. So Anglo as fuck, and Dutch.

I always ignored the Dutch part as I hated that part of the family. They always lied and hid shit.

Turns out they lied more than I knew. They are from Ostfriesland.

Jerks lied to me my entire life.

I'm part German/East Friesian. They took the opportunity after 1945 to claim a new identity.

Took it out to the shops today, as it is intended for that. Went well, 6km easy, grabbed a front an rear light because some drivers are insane and put together a tool kit in a old tin I had 😁

Heh fixed my Crappy old bike and tested it today. Its crappy, old but still works.

I have flogged it for a good 5 years now at least. Need to fix the rear derailer and should be good for popping around town.

Well been restoring a old shitty bike of mine, last thing to fix is the gears on the back, the lowest gear wont engage as the arm is not moving far enough in.

When the Class war rages on the corporate floor, if you don't fight you loose.

If you don't fight you loose.

Watch the ABC Australia's video it's great.

"On the frontlines of Hong Kong's uprising | Four Corners Australia"

Video from Australia "Dramatic vision from out of control Hong Kong protests | 60 Minutes Australia"

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