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Peter Smith ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

Filters aren't easy either. Damn autocorrect and no glasses

Writing complicated mongo fillets is hard on the brain

Not been posting much here recently, just lurking. Just haven't felt like I've had anything to contribute.

If you put instant coffee in the microwave, will you go back in time?

I feel like I want to do something different in tech, I'm just not sure what

And on to the last of the original Doctors. Started watching selected episodes of Sylvester McCoy today.

Really enjoyed Tom Baker as The Doctor! Onto Peter Davison.

Have watched two serials so far, and he seems fine, but the stories haven't been that good, so he suffers just due to that.

I was hoping to find more sportsfans who wanted a place to chat and trash talk sports. But interest doesn't seem to be there.

Barring a huge influx of members, I will likely be shuttering this instance in the near future and may revisit in the future.

In the meantime go #Titans! #NFL

Has anyone used any e-ink note taking tools? I suck at taking notes, but just wondered how these things have progressed recently.

Finished Jon Pertwee, three serials of Tom Baker so far. I like his eccentricity, and for me his stories are better than Pertwee's, so far at least.

The UNIT thing was getting old, as was the venusian judo. Overall, I liked Pertwee, but he'd have been better with better stories.

Baker seems fun so far, oddball, kinda like myself! Jelly baby?

So the internet is losing its mind over the next doctor who being a woman. Really wish I lived in a society where this wasn't even a thought

CamelCase is better than silly_underscores.

Does anyone use any tab grouping plugins for chrome?

For example I'm a member in a couple other instances, would like to group all my mastodon tabs together somehow rather than have them horizontally with all the others.

I don't get why I enjoy these conspiracy type shows on history so much.

I don't believe them, but I still want to see more. Perhaps, it's just the little grain of "what if".

Was looking at making an IFTTT applet to post to Mastodon, but I don't really see any way to do so without creating a new channel which costs $3000 a year. Guess I won't be going further with the idea!

Ok, have watched all the recommended Patrick Troughton episodes of Doctor Who.

Good bye second doctor, I quite liked you.

On to Jon Pertwee, and colour!

I'm being lazy and untechnical this week. Yay vacation! But boo man cold!

Ok, I'm emoji incompetent. Is there a shortcut to entering/finding them other than copying and pasting from the web?