@L00pesth3r that's a good list! I started going Google free a few months ago, for now the only Google services I still use are Android, Youtube, and Google Maps. For different reasons I don't see myself being able to swap any of these soon, but at least I moved away everything else to a self hosted Nextcloud instance.

@vitorm I keep thinking about moving away from Google services but then I get so tired thinking about how much work it will be 😂

@L00pesth3r this is a great list though, and it's given me some things to think about...

@CrowderSoup @L00pesth3r good thing is that you don't have to switch all at once, you can port one service at a time, and you can do it at your pace. Also the goal, IMHO, is to be in general less dependent on Google, loose your ties with them, not necessarily stop using every Google service altogether.

@vitorm Unfortunately I think that's the case for most of us.. Cool news you're self hosting :)

ich würde das alleine nie schaffen. Mir müsste in diesem Fall jemand helfen

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