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An easy-to-use, secure
and decentralized conference
call application (under active development)

Survey time! On what platform(s) do you use LibreOffice?

🚀 We're happy to be the first #VPN provider to #opensource apps on all platforms and undergo an independent security audit. Transparency, ethics, and #security are at the core of the Internet we want to build.

It's my pleasure to announce the release of the Big-Daddy Trinity release :)

kernel 5.3.15

included dkms drivers for broadcom and rtl wifi installed ready

included Gimp and it's plugins

Get it here

MD5SUM: 60471d320129c98fe37b14f9dcbf31c8

Size 2.6GB (bigger ISO due to drivers and plugins)


Amnesty International calls Google and Facebook a threat to human rights. We believe that centralization of power in hands of #GAFAM is indeed extremely dangerous. #privacy #decentralization matter for a free society!

What operating systems do you use?

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