rule of thumb: decentralised technology is only as good as the least technically inclined user who is empowered run it themselves

bittorrent: this is the benchmark
fediverse: good luck mate

this is of course made worse by the fact that the platform era of the internet has abstracted and disempowered the average user to maintain their own independent web presence

I still firmly believe we need to reclaim web 1.0 and the good bits of 2.0; build a website, write a blog, follow each others’ RSS feeds, and help each other to do so

@ticky I’ve been advocating this for years

No one listens

Because you can’t be a sponsored global influencer on a special interest group when your reach is only a couple thousand or so lol

But I truly believe the best internet was an interconnected set of communities that while separate, everyone could find a special home base to be in.

Also yeah my bookmark folder of “friends sites” has diminished to nothing and I’d like to see that filled out again


Yes... I remember that "people" folder in the bookmarks bar. It is non existent today.

The few remaining people i personally know that still have websites, or rather blogs, luckily have RSS, so I don't need a bookmark anyway.

But still...



@aslmx @ticky aye, the only ones I could follow with RSS are the ones with wordpress powered sites right now, and the last entry is from 2020 :\

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