the end state of privilege fetishization is the valorization of poverty. there is nothing glorious about such dire want; nothing noble about unmet need. revile your luck-won powers at the peril of the comrades who need what you can provide.

"There's always people who are twisting that, making it political, making it a two-sided thing. I don't understand how being anti-racist can possibly be controversial in any way... and if it is for you, then you should probably leave."

-- Marques Brownlee

Me: *in the market for decent wireless earbuds*

Raycon: *makes every YouTuber i watch talk about them*

Me: "man, where can I find some earbuds of a decent quality"

Raycon: *violently trying to get my attention, and business, with attractive ads and discounts*

Me: "where tho..."

like, it shows stack decisions... for other stacks, but doesn't bubble up the one's I wrote FOR THIS STACK.

Like, WHY.

Like when I share a stack, it's not in any way easy for someone to see the post I just made about the decision to choose a technology. The sidebar just remains empty, despite there being posts with all the right tags in it.

I don't know how to vent this frustration. It's just really fucking frustrating

StackShare is one of my favorite websites. But god damn is it's UI incredibly frustrating.

RT @praddenkeefe
This exchange, these awful truths. Three Black men, three different generations. Itโ€™s two minutes long and every American should watch and listen.

Also i don't TRULY think this needs to be said, and coming from me it's the weakest imaginable eye-rolling thing for me to say but here goes anyways


Really. I mean, what else needs to be said about it. It's dumb, shitty, affects innocent lives, and never should have existed in the first place. What is there to gain from it?

Been way back into Destiny 2 lately. That game is still a hell of a lot of fun. Though I know the community around it is pissed with it, but I'm just over here enjoying my time with it

Quitting facebook again. Why does that site always come back to me like some fucking crack addiction.

LOL "to help us make sure this policy is working"

translated: "We don't want social media blasting us about not being diverse enough, we need to check ALL the boxes here y'know"

For serious, don't do this. Code and Art are the great equalizers out there, for a keyboard or a pencil give not a single fuck over who uses them to produce their output.

As a company, you don't need to care about which way someone swings when applying, or really any time honestly

Just trying out NextGen Reader, this is actually pretty close to the best I've ever seen and used.

Might stick with this one for a bit and see how it goes

I've been perpetually disappointed with RSS/Atom readers in the past.

Does this mean I ought to make my own?

is there such a thing as a "good" RSS reader these days?

What's a good RSS/ATOM reader? Bonus points for browser extensions

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