like, what a stupid blunder. It's a premium fitness tracker. If I wanted a smart watch, I'd buy a smart watch. Ridiculous downgrade and the bean counters at FitBit ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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Still annoyed that FitBit omitted the Altimeter on the Charge 5🙄

Nice to see the Apple Watch SE has it, but for a price that's comparable to FitBit's Sense, wich is almost twice as expensive as the Charge
It's been in the FitBit Charge since the Charge 2, and I love to climb inclines, and sadly.. trackers that are GPS (or Phone GPS) only just dont cut it for accuracy 😤

People are even saying the Charge 5 straight up doesnt care about floors climbed anymore and wont show it. At all.


Nothing quite like reducing parole requirements for mass murders, in the wake a prolific mass murder

I love the “no matter how many are killed” part. Go ahead, rack it up, go for a high score, punishments the same anyhow 🤷‍♂️

GG Canada, well done.

Ya it’s probably scraping my photos for Russian bots, but same if this app doesn’t produce some awesome results

I’ve been working with Unity since v2 way back in the late aughts, but I’d just always craved something.. more low level and custom.

But I dunno I’m in my mid 30s now with precious little to show for it project wise, and it’s just time to actually publish something out there for once

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I think I’m finally swallowing the whole pitcher of Unity koolaid lately

I still want to work on custom rendering engines, but damn, that immediate endorphin rush of something just working.. and working quickly.. is powerful shit man

*looks at crypto market*


Working with #burnout feels like trying to run a 100 meter dash with a 50 meter bungie cord on your back

You know what you want to do, you may even cajole and berate yourself into starting it. But sooner or later the brain's defenses kick in and snap you back to avoid getting further burned out

through the ditches
through the witches
in the back of my dragula

Well, they’re a bit “baby’s first All-Terrain tires” for my liking, but nonetheless I’m excited to start hitting some unpaved trails and service roads, do a little camping 🏕 do some shooting out in the bush 🔫 a little off road exploring 🛻


Doubling down on my previous prediction: there will be no mass exodus from Twitter due to Musk boy buying it. That will happen in maybe 6-12 months when terrible new crypto/web3 features are added.

For those who need to read things on Twitter for *sigh* reasons… 

Find yourself an RSS reader. Many of them can read Twitter directly and you don't need an account there.

On the Apple ecosystem I like which is free, open source, and syncs between mobile and desktop.

If your preferred RSS reader doesn't support Twitter directly this will create a feed-readable link from a user name:

Well it happened, Elon bought Twitter.

I was on Mastodon BEFORE it was cool 😎

There's exactly one thing I wish Mastodon would let me do, and that's being able to selectively choose the servers I wish to see in my Federated timeline

Other than that, Mastodon is so perfect for everything else

To all of those joining #Mastodon today and starting to realise how the fediverse works - don't worry about changing your mind about which server you should have joined. You can join them all.

It's better to think of the servers as communities with shared interests. and are both general communities. There are lots of others that are more specific to interests.

Explore :)

I still firmly believe we need to reclaim web 1.0 and the good bits of 2.0; build a website, write a blog, follow each others’ RSS feeds, and help each other to do so

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Hmm and ?

I'm a coder. I write software for the web and have been since ye ol' geocities times. This is the profession that puts food on the table and a roof over the head of my family.
I also code for games as a hobby, hoping to turn into a side business with passive income. I just can't help but not want to use pre-made engines, I like to write the graphics code myself (still learning)

Recently, thanks to the coof, I've been enjoying the outdoors a LOT more

Hi there.

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