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Introductions! Kubuntu disappeared from Mastodon when died. Good to be back. We provide the Plasma environment and KDE sorftware on an Ubuntu base. Friendly software!

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Pre-orders are open for the @Kubuntu Focus, a high-end Plasma-powered laptop designed for work that requires intense GPU computing, fast NVMe storage and optimal cooling to unleash the CPU's maximum potential.

A complete KDE review coming soon!

Kubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo was released on April 18, 2019 with 9 months support. As of January 23, 2020, 19.04 reaches ‘end of life’. No more package updates will be accepted to 19.04, and it will be archived to in the coming weeks.

Official announcement for all *buntu:

Kubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine continues to be supported, receiving security and high-impact bugfix updates until July 2020.

Users of 19.04 can follow these instructions:

"If you’re currently a Windows 7 user and are curious about what you’re seeing in the video, I recommend taking Kubuntu 19.10 for a test drive." We agree, Jason :D

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will stop receiving updates next Tuesday, 14th of January. We want to help Windows users upgrade to something better. You can help too: Help upgrade to KDE's Plasma desktop.
users - The Movie:

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We're halfway through the Wallpaper contest! You can see current submissions or propose your art at:

Remember: you can win a fantastic TUXEDO computer!

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We've updated the KDE Publisher page in the Snap Store. Browse the nearly 100 Open Source KDE applications published for #Linux. Install something KDE today!

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The Debian Project stands with the @GNOME Foundation in defense against patent trolls

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5.53 is out. In this version we fixed the (ironic) crash in KCrash, added KWayland virtual desktop protocol, and improved the Baloo indexing engine amongst many other fixes and tweaks. Full release notes here:

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