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Introductions! Kubuntu disappeared from Mastodon when died. Good to be back. We provide the Plasma environment and KDE sorftware on an Ubuntu base. Friendly software!

For those who want the latest and greatest, Plasma 5.23.1 and KDE Gear (formerly Applications) 21.08.2 are loitering around in the Backports PPA:

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🎉 Happy anniversary KDE! For this occasion, I painted this artwork (using #krita on #kubuntu, of course).
→ The party continues on

Been waiting for the beta of latte-dock v0.10? Well wait no longer, and help the wonderful developers by testing it and reporting bugs!

The beta can now be found in the 21.10 development version repos, and in our Beta PPA for 21.04 (ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta). And if you're leery of jumping onto a version still in development, just take heart that this means the next stable release of Latte-Dock is just around the corner now :)

5.22 Beta is available for testers (or just general daredevils) on Kubuntu 21.04 "Hirsute Hippo" and the 21.10 "Impish Indri" development builds.

Rolling out as we speak: 21.04, codenamed Hirsute Hippo! Based on but featuring Plasma 5.21 as the default desktop alongside many other updates at all levels of the wonderful stack that makes up our cool blue flavor.



Enjoy: 😀

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One of the things I love about @Kubuntu and @kde in general is the polish. Want to remap Caps Lock to Ctrl? It's right there in Settings -> Keyboard -> Options. No oddball tweaks or other shenanigans required. It's just waiting for you like that super comfy couch you come home to at the end of your day :)

P.S. For anyone curious, looks like Sylvia Ritter already has another of her beautiful release images up already for Hirsute Hippo!

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21.04 looms; now is the time for testing! On April 1st, the Beta for Hirsute Hippo will be released, and we'll be participating in as we try and shake out the bugs to leave us with a solid release by the end of the month.

See for more info on how you can help us (and the wider community) with this testing, or just to take a peek at the near-future :)

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Good Morning! Visit KDE’s booth in 15 minutes to learn more about KDE’s Plasma Mobile with Bhushan Shah.

Aaaand here it is, 20.10 Groovy Gorilla is out! Plasma 5.19.5 and KDE Applications 20.08 out of the box (so to speak).

The 20.10 release is perilously close! You can help us test (or just peruse the status and find out about some fun other flavours of Ubuntu; did you know there's a Raspberry Pi desktop image now?) over at on the Ubuntu QA site.

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KDE is 24 years old today! Share in the comments your favorite KDE memory, ye olde screenshots, photos from events, tell us about antique merch you have collected over time, or about anything else from your ❤️ story with KDE.

Find out more about the history of KDE, where we came from and where we are headed:

Song: In Submarines by Tinyfolk is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.

Nice to see the pre-installed Linux laptop world expanding; admittedly, we're not exactly impartial ;)

The Council and Community would like to thank for once again renewing their sponsorship of Kubuntu by providing us with another year’s usage of a VPS instance 🙂

For those cautiously sticking to 18.04, our previous Long-Term Support release: 18.04.5 is out now! More a matter of semantics if you've got an existing install, as there's nothing you need to do then other than apply updates as usual, but for fresh installs (although of course we recommend 20.04 for maximum freshness!) you'll now see 18.04.5 images are available to download.

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