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@FerdiZ Or that being a monster is not a binary black/white state? :P

Thought for the Day:
Intelligence is knowing that Frankenstein wasn't the monster.

Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein *was* the monster.

@ashfurrow May I ask what, in particular about ActiveRecord migrations, was causing you grief? I only ask because I'm a Ruby/Rails developer in RL...

@FerdiZ Oh indubitably!

(Iwas talking about the 'Fearless Girl' installation. Mainly.)

@FerdiZ In this instance, isn't capitalism the 'establishment,' though? I would argue that 'disruptive' might be a better term than 'guerilla,' although I imagine the company that erected 'Fearless Girl' would prefer to have the 'guerilla' epithet.

@FerdiZ Yeah, isn't 'guerilla' supposed to be the underdog tactic against the behemoth, though?

I can see the guy's point here, too. The artist of 'Charging Bull' has had the entire concept of his piece changed. I mean, you could also make the point that 'a celebration of the power of the American people' might also acknowledge those who get trampled under the hooves of progress...

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