I really like what I'm seeing about Polis as a means of democratising policy making. Has anyone any personal experience of using it in the wild, though?


@cedric Very semiregularly.

This may be because I'm not a Facebook user. Google+ was my social media platform before it went the way of all things Google.

I got my gameplay video, at last!

At 48 minutes long, I'll have to wait until this evening to watch it all, though. 😕


@bobstechsite Yeah, a little bit concerned about a possible urban legend I heard where workhouse children feed nothing but gruel lost their teeth for lack of chewing.

Hope that doesn't happen here.

Today, my post-food life begins!


Hmm ... That's definitely *a* flavour...

@ffz @MikeGastin@mastodon.cloud There is such a thing as 'food porn' but I don't think this is it.

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