I can see the guy's point here, too. The artist of 'Charging Bull' has had the entire concept of his piece changed. I mean, you could also make the point that 'a celebration of the power of the American people' might also acknowledge those who get trampled under the hooves of progress...

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@FerdiZ Yeah, isn't 'guerilla' supposed to be the underdog tactic against the behemoth, though?

@KryptykPhysh Yes of course it is; but just as applicable, guerrilla is also the "anti-establishment" tactic against the "establishment", for whatever values of "establishment" or "anti-establishment"...

[The establishment could be capitalist, the establishment could be communist, the establishment could be corporatist, the establishment could be populist, the establishment could be theocratic, the establishment could be technocratic... and so on and so forth...] [imho]

@FerdiZ In this instance, isn't capitalism the 'establishment,' though? I would argue that 'disruptive' might be a better term than 'guerilla,' although I imagine the company that erected 'Fearless Girl' would prefer to have the 'guerilla' epithet.

@KryptykPhysh Which instance, the instance of the Charging Bull, or the instance of the Fearless Girl? Two different instances of course, wouldn't you say..?

Either way though I personally approve of the Art World having this discussion. It opens up & exposes different points of view. We need more of that I think...

@FerdiZ Oh indubitably!

(Iwas talking about the 'Fearless Girl' installation. Mainly.)

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