I got my gameplay video, at last!

At 48 minutes long, I'll have to wait until this evening to watch it all, though. 😕


Today, my post-food life begins!


Hmm ... That's definitely *a* flavour...

Thought for the Day:
Intelligence is knowing that Frankenstein wasn't the monster.

Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein *was* the monster.

I can see the guy's point here, too. The artist of 'Charging Bull' has had the entire concept of his piece changed. I mean, you could also make the point that 'a celebration of the power of the American people' might also acknowledge those who get trampled under the hooves of progress...

@ashfurrow Thanks for hosting this instance, by the way. If it does end up costing you, I'd put a couple of quid towards the hosting.

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