I'm giving up asking questions on forums after a recent experience. People post I should have read such when I had already stated I had. So in future, no its a waste of time. Back to my friends trial and error

I really to do need to get a n5 or oneplus one this weekend

Wondering if conference is worth the trip. I'm a user not a developer. Its kneed of tempting though

Maybe time to do some samba research before I attempt it again

Looking forward to Oggcamp in October, ticket bought!

My nexus 7 as arrived, thought I was getting a 2013 but its a 2012 model, wrongly advertised on ebay. I can still use but for something else.

Might have figured the level issue with the printer plate. Fax later then print a little boat

Wonder how many people donate to an open source software project when they download it

I need a phone with a better battery life for than my N5

Stuck in the office trying to make a report last 3 days.

Finally got LineageOs onto my oneplus3t, now to fix the gps issue

Is turning the keys on a keyboard upside down a stupid idea?

I've just realised I cannot remember how many raspberrypi's I have

Looking forward to the weekend and playing with my ender 3 and new features

Today isa beautiful day, birds singing, sun shining and my ender 3 arrives

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