@cvigano Oh, and use some nice DNS management system, not web interface.

For example I'm planning to take stackexchange.github.io/dnscon into use. Then I can store my DNS records in Git and easily manage changes across multiple DNS providers if needed.

@cvigano First recommendation: Don't set up DNS server, but use some service with nice API. Those are really cheap and lot easies to manage. I myself use AWS route 53.

Second, just copy all your DNS zone data to new service and then make sure it responds to the queries the same way your current DNS does. Then wait for 24h before changing name server info in your domain registrar. Then wait another 24h before changing anything else.

After that you should be done :)

I use VS Code daily and love it. I discover some new handy features basically every day. Today I learned many more from vscodecandothat.com/

If you use VS Code definitely check it out :)

Do you happen to listen to podcasts? Are you looking out for somethign new to listen to? Check out my podcast recommendations! kimia.fi/general/2019-02-13-po

@AskChip @jrss Also note that HDDs with spinning disks consume quite a lot of energy. So try to manage with micro-sd or some other solid state storage to conserve energy.

After that it's just about how big battery you want or can get.

I've been using Alfred for MAC for couple of months and finally bought the Power Pack.

This thing is amazing! So much faster to search for files/folders than finder. And the workflows are useful as well.

Please share your best tips so I can get the most out of this :)

@Chaos_99 Local DNS server with properly configured forwarding might be really reliable configuration if done properly. For example cached records can be returned even if the network interface is down. I usually do this with firewalls and other systems that tend to do a lot of DNS queries.

Apparently people are angry about google chrome requiring .dev URLs be secure connections because it breaks their dev environment...

Who could have ever guessed using a unregistered and unreserved top-level domain would have bad consequences? :O

We bought a Nintendo Switch yesterday with Hyrule Warriors (Zelda franchise). First game console for us since PS3.

We had some great fun playing together. Awesome to try some new thing together every now and then :)

Oh and the switch seems to be really fun console

I'm surprised with Microsoft embracing the command line on servers there isn't some tool that converts what you do in the gui into powershell.

so I install SQL server in ha mode, all the clicks result in a button next to done called script which creayes a powershell script that repeats exactly what's you just did.

it's not impossible, I've just recreated the whole ha install as powershell scripts..

Welp, for some reason the MAC chose bad codec for bluetooth audio. FOrced it to AAC and now life is good again :)


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Bluetooth audio is still not ready :(

I have an awesome pair of Bowers&Wilkins PX headphones, but the audio quality with Mac OS Mojave is intolerable when connected with Bluetooth.

When using USB cable the quality is awesome. Same with BT from my phone. Quite puzzling issue.

I'm considering changing from to . Can I somehow have similar profiles in different windows? It has been the killer feature for separating work and personal profiles.

I'm aware of the container tabs extension, but it does not do quite what I would like as it opens the default profile in new tabs instead of the last used.

Shoot your ideas!

@am1t I forced myself to use pomodoro while finishing my master's thesis and it worked. But I was completely exhausted after those days. It's so difficult to force your brain to concentrate only on a single thing.

7th season of Boss Level Podcast just started. If you are interested in changing your organisation or yourself, go ahead and listen the first episode. It was awesome!

@Aerdan there definitely is. stedolan.github.io/jq/ can do that and lot more.

'cat something.json | jq .' pretty prints it

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