Hey, techies who use . How long does this thing holds on battery?

I have only one USB drive connected, and planning to have a 2.5 hdd case attached instead in teh future. it's on the whole day. How often do you replace batteries?

Trying to find a way to have it working without power line for extended periods.

@jrss You get 18 or more hours from a Pi 3B+ from a 15 amp-hour power bank. A pi zero can get 40+ hours from the same power bank. If you have software that requires more, you'll have to start using sleep modes and perhaps external wakeup signals to conserve power.
It's easily calculated from data here: raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2018/11/
HOWEVER, remember power banks convert from a Lion 3.3 volt battery to 5 volts and the amp hours convert down: (3.3*amp_hours/5) is the actual power available.


@AskChip @jrss Also note that HDDs with spinning disks consume quite a lot of energy. So try to manage with micro-sd or some other solid state storage to conserve energy.

After that it's just about how big battery you want or can get.

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@Kimmoahokas @AskChip that's an interesting point. Spinning disks because I have many available, but at the moment it's on a USB. I can keep using a USB if it conserves power, I just won't have 500GB...

@Kimmoahokas @jrss I never even considered mechanical disk drives because unless the price/power factor becomes an issue, the sleep modes becomes a bit more complicated. After all, most chromebooks utilize ssd storage in the range of 16Gb or greater.

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