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Want 20% off when you buy my Auto Layout book? Use this link before midnight MONDAY

Want 20% off when you buy my Auto Layout book? Use this link before midnight MONDAY

Adapting button titles for the available screen width using localization strings dictionary -

Launch day! Finally pushed the publish button on my Auto Layout book. There's as 25% launch discount until 5th Nov -

Even Apple makes layout mistakes (in this case on the narrow iPhone SE). Making space for dynamic type

Always worth reading the Xcode release notes. I knew about option-clicking the library toolbar button but not about long-pressing or option-dragging from the library to keep it open

In other news. If learning Auto Layout is making your head spin you should get my new book. Coming soon to the internet near you.
For news and to get the launch discount signup at

Using readable content guides with stack views is a bit of a pain. See adding padding to a stack view -

Forgetting to do your TODO's or fix your FIXME's? Take a look at the compiler directives in Swift 4.2 -

Also — iOS people — please support Dynamic Text (or whatever that thing’s called). Don’t make me get my readers out to use your app.

Apple added a couple of new layout guides into UIScrollView in iOS 11 that make setting up its constraints easier to understand -

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